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Exterior Wood
£15.75 (excl VAT)
Futura 3 is a multi-purpose solvent based primer that can also be used both as an adhesion primer and primer surfacer. Finish: full-matt. Futura 3 is intended for priming of surfaces indoors and outdoors, such as...
Exterior Wood
£11.40 (excl VAT)
A highly effective water-borne alkyd-based full matt adhesion primer for wooden surfaces outdoors. Suitable for walls, doors and wooden surfaces outdoors, prior to a top coat with acrylate, alkyd or oil paints. Matt...
Exterior Wood
£16.31 (excl VAT)
Nordica Matt house paint is a full-matt house paint with excellent weather resistance. This full-matt waterborne acrylate-based paint is ideal for wooden surfaces outdoors, especially timber cladding. The paint has a...
£10.96 (excl VAT)
Rensa Anti-Mould Solution kills mildew, lichen and algae growth from external surfaces of buildings. It is easy to spray on e.g. tile and felt roof, stone paving, brick wall or fence and let the growth be removed by...
£5.80 (excl VAT)
Rensa Facade is an efficient detergent for washing external surfaces of buildings and pre-treating surfaces before painting. It removes dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities which may weaken the adhesion of...
£4.37 (excl VAT)
Rensa Galvanised Steel Cleaner is a very efficient citric acid based detergent for pre-treatment of galvanised sheet-iron and zinc-coated steel surfaces. It is primarily for washing new untreated zinc-coated and...
£7.59 (excl VAT)
Rensa Roof Wash is an efficient detergent for washing of tile roofs and previously painted very dirty sheet-iron roofs. It is a pre-treatment agent for maintenance painting. It is primarily for washing old tile roofs...
£5.41 (excl VAT)
Rensa Sauna Cleaner cleans and refreshes gently but efficiently saunas and other wash rooms. It can be used on all surfaces of washrooms: wood, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, plaster etc. and old painted surfaces.
£4.86 (excl VAT)
Rensa Super Paint Cleaner is an efficient universal detergent for washing of all kind of building surfaces and for pre-treating surfaces before painting. For indoors and outdoor use. It is an evaporating detergent,...
£4.42 (excl VAT)
Rensa Terrace is a very efficient detergent for washing of wooden terrace floors and garden furniture before application of a treatment or finish. It removes dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities that prevent...
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