Teknos Futura Aqua 5%, 20%, 40%, 90% gloss W/B Wood Paint


Futura Aqua is a modern, waterborne indoor and outdoor paint range with exceptional versatility.

These water based alkyd paints provide excellent applicability, hardness, and durability as well as excellent resistance to weather and UV rays, retaining their colour and gloss over time.

Now available in five finishes: Matt (5), Semi-matt (20), Semi-gloss (40), and Full Gloss (90)

Please note, Teknos Futura Aqua 5 is suitable for interior use only.

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About Teknos Futura Aqua 5% / 20% / 40% / 90% gloss Waterbased Paint for Wood

Futura Aqua is a modern, waterborne paint range with exceptional versatility.

These water based alkyd paints provide excellent applicability, hardness, and durability as well as excellent resistance to weather and UV rays, retaining their colour and gloss over time.

Suitable for use on primed wood, metal and building board surfaces, and old alkyd surfaces. The paint is easy to apply both by brush and spray. Futura Aqua paints do not drip and give a smooth finish even on vertical surfaces.

Available in four finishes: Matt (5%), Semi-matt (20%), Semi-gloss (40%) and Full Gloss (90%).

Indoors, Futura Aqua paints are suitable for fixtures and fittings for example furniture, doors, cupboards, window frames, slats, handrails, panel surfaces, ducts, and radiators. Ideal for plaster and filler surfaces primed with Futura Aqua 3 Primer, for example window sills and casings, and staircases.

Outdoors, Futura Aqua 90 and 40 paints are suitable for primed window frames, doors, garden furniture,banisters, fence structures, etc,

The semi-matt Futura Aqua 20 is also available in a ready-made white shade (NCS S 0502-Y).

Surface Preparation

Clean new surfaces from dust and dirt. Wash previously painted surfaces with RENSA SUPER paint cleaner.

Matt down hard or gloss surfaces by sanding and thereafter remove the dust.

Smooth any irregularities in the surface with a carpentry filler.


Wood, wood fibre board and building board surfaces as well as galvanized metal surfaces are painted with FUTURA AQUA 3 Primer. Rusting steel surfaces as well as aluminium and copper surfaces are primed with FERREX AQUA anticorrosive paint.

Before use stir the paint thoroughly.

The paint is thinned with water 5 - 15 % by volume when needed.

Apply the paint once or twice with a varnish brush, mohair roller, painting pad or spray.

When painting a smooth surface, e.g. flush door, the marks left by a roller may be smoothed down with painting pad or with varnish brush.

Airless spray nozzle 0.011 - 0.013".

Application Conditions

The surface to be painted must be dry. During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the paint shall be above +10 °C and the relative air humidity below 80 %. Drying is faster in low air humidity and/or above + 21 °C.

Application will be easier if air is humidified and/or temperature is lowered in the working space.

Ventilation after the painting will quicken the drying.



questions Michelle

Would you let me know if this paint is scrubbable and hard wearing as intend to use it on kitchen cabinets. Thanks


Futura Aqua is a high quality paint that has very good durability and is ideal for painting kitchen cabinets as well as all other wood surfaces.

questions John Beddoe

We intend to use Futura 40 to repaint oil based eggshell doors and skirting. Is it essential to first coat with Futura Aqua 3 adhesion primer?


As long as the existing coating is sound and adequately prepared two coats of the Futura 40 should be fine over the top. Full guidance on preparation can be found on the data sheet, which can be downloaded from the web page.

questions Karen

I’ve recently bought this product ( aqua future 40), can you clarify if this product has any oil in it? Ive found it very strong smelling and I’m concerned it may yellow over time? I’m wondering if the aqua future 20 would be any different? (Apart from in its Matt finish)



The Futura Aqua 20 would be the same as the 40 except in the finish. The Futura Aqua range is water based and thin-able with water, it will be non-yellowing. The full data sheet can be downloaded for further information.

Holman Paints Team.

questions Philip Dawes

Are the 5% and 20% versions of this paint suitable to use on appropriately primed woodwork in a bathroom? Thanks


Futura Aqua is suitable for use on all wooden surfaces in all rooms, including bathrooms.

All of the various finishes will be suitable for this.

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