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£9.73 (excl VAT)
Suitable for all woodstains and varnishes Innovative 2 in 1 combination of natural bristle tank with a synthetic coat Particularly high paint absorption due to natural bristle core Fine surface finish with finely...
£12.73 (excl VAT)
Suitable for all paints and varnishes Up to 5 times longer life than standard bristles Perfectly balanced 100% synthetic bristle mix suitable for all paints and varnishes High quality swell resistant plastic ferrule...
Interior Masonry
£17.84 (excl VAT)
Absorbed into the substrate, this high performance coating protects interior and exterior stone and brick for a completely natural finish. Ideal for: stone, plaster, brick, slate, flagstones, fireplaces, exposed stone...
Other Specialist Coatings
£4.30 (excl VAT)
Crackle Glaze for cracked paint effects for use with emulsion. Designed to produce consistent cracking of emulsion paint. Ideal for: furniture, skirting, architrave, pottery, picture frames, decorative aged effects...
Exterior Floors
£21.07 (excl VAT)
Slip deterrent finish. A unique clear satin, UV resistant, microporous, high solid content protective antislip finish for application onto exterior wood flooring and decking. Ideal for: patios, decking, utility rooms,...
Exterior Wood
£11.30 (excl VAT)
A non-yellowing, quick drying clear finish that protects against UV light and weather damage.Ideal for: exterior doors, windows, woodwork, garden furnitureFinishes: Dead Flat, SatinSize: 500ml, 1L, 2.5L
£31.87 (excl VAT)
Two part resin glue that can stand continuous immersion in water. Ideal for: laminating, marine, garden furniture and gates, laminated plastics, preservative treated and difficult timber, expanded polystyrene Size: 670g
Beeck Beeckosil Fine Silicate Paint Beeck Beeckosil Fine Silicate Paint
Exterior Masonry
£82.29 (excl VAT)
Beeckosil Fine is an extremely durable mineral paint used on exterior walls. Ideal coating specifically for uncoated mineral substrates: lime and cement renders or plasters, concrete, brick and calcium silicate...
Teknos Aqua Primer 2900 Opaque For Dipping Teknos Aqua Primer 2900 Opaque For Dipping
Exterior Wood
£9.90 (excl VAT)
Teknos Aqua Primer 2900 Opaque is an opaque waterborne industrial primer for new wood formulated for exterior use such as windows and doors. It seals and protects the timber prior to the application of Aquatop and...
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