Exterior Floors

Exterior floor coatings from light pedestrian to heavy duty, chemical resistant and vehicular access coatings for industry.

Exterior Floors
£86.44 (excl VAT)
£103.73 (incl VAT)
£86.44 (tax excl.)
A tough flexible acrylic paint for tarmac or asphalt. Suitable for use outdoors and indoors, it is suitable for coating asphalt, concrete, pavement, bitumen, on parking bays, as line marking, on tennis courts,...
Exterior Floors
£66.09 (excl VAT)
£79.31 (incl VAT)
£66.09 (tax excl.)
Repair asphalt damage and potholes - instantly. A durable bitumen-based patch repair for use on exterior pot-holed asphalt and concrete based on polished aggregate together with liquid binder based on bitumen plus...
Exterior Floors
£41.09 (excl VAT)
£49.31 (incl VAT)
£41.09 (tax excl.)
Revive old and worn asphalt surfaces in one easy application.  A one component high quality bitumen based coating with fillers and special flow additives.   For refurbishing car parks, driveways and footpaths....
Rust-Oleum Floor Paint 7100 Rust-Oleum Floor Paint 7100
Limited special offer
Floor Paints and Varnishes
£30.47 £21.33 (excl VAT)
£25.59 (incl VAT) 30%
£21.33 (tax excl.) £30.47
Reduced price-30%
Easy to apply solvent based Alkyd floor coating specially designed for applying on old (>2 years), dry concrete for interior and exterior use. The coating has a good resistance against abrasion and neutral...
Interior Floors
£21.87 (excl VAT)
£26.24 (incl VAT)
£21.87 (tax excl.)
Very strong epoxy repair mortar for repairing damaged floors and steps.  Stands up to heavy traffic and many chemicals.    Shrink-free durable epoxy mortar.  Does not shrink or crack.  For repairing eroded or damaged...
Exterior Floors
£9.90 (excl VAT)
£11.88 (incl VAT)
£9.90 (tax excl.)
Waterborne Stain for concrete garden stones and slabs. With Tikkurila Patio Paving Stain you can easily and quickly renew the look of old paving stones and slabs. Ideal for industrially dyed or natural concrete garden...



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