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Specialist primers and finishes for glass, hard plastic, uPVC, swimming pools, sports courts, marine and hygienic coatings.

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Tikkurila Unica Semi Gloss Enamel Tikkurila Unica Semi Gloss Enamel
Exterior Wood
£15.72 (excl VAT)
£18.87 (incl VAT)
£15.72 (tax excl.)
Tikkurila Unica Semi-Gloss Enamel is a superior durable enamel paint for interior and exterior use.  The solvent based alkyd enamel creates a beautiful smooth finish.  For use on wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, and...
Glasscol Coating Glasscol Coating
Coatings for Glass
£12.30 (excl VAT)
£14.76 (incl VAT)
£12.30 (tax excl.)
Glasscol is a very high quality smooth and even coating for the reverse side of decorative glass panels. It is available in many finishes including a 'frosted' appearance. It is spray applied.
Other Specialist Coatings
£4.30 (excl VAT)
£5.16 (incl VAT)
£4.30 (tax excl.)
Crackle Glaze for cracked paint effects for use with emulsion. Designed to produce consistent cracking of emulsion paint. Ideal for: furniture, skirting, architrave, pottery, picture frames, decorative aged effects...
£3.71 (excl VAT)
£4.45 (incl VAT)
£3.71 (tax excl.)
Rensa Sauna Cleaner cleans and refreshes gently but efficiently saunas and other wash rooms. It can be used on all surfaces of washrooms: wood, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, plaster etc. and old painted surfaces.
Coatings for Saunas and Wet Rooms
£32.48 (excl VAT)
£38.98 (incl VAT)
£32.48 (tax excl.)
Tikkurila Supi Sauna Wax Supi Sauna Wax is a water based protective wax for use in sauna and steam rooms. Contains natural wax, is quick drying and highly durable.  Absorbs into the wood and forms a humidity and dirt...
Other Specialist Coatings
£17.86 (excl VAT)
£21.43 (incl VAT)
£17.86 (tax excl.)
Taika Pearl Glaze is a low odour water based glaze that creates stunning pearlescent effects  Semi-transparent, semi-gloss finish  Available in Gold and Silver and can be tinted to semi-transparent shades Quick...
Other Specialist Coatings
£30.20 (excl VAT)
£36.24 (incl VAT)
£30.20 (tax excl.)
A durable waterbased pearlescent paint suitable for interior furniture, wooden surfaces, fibre board, particle board and gypsum board. Ideal for use on interior walls and furniture. Available in Gold, Silver and...
Rust-Oleum Pegalink Rust-Oleum Pegalink
Other Specialist Coatings
£15.42 (excl VAT)
£18.51 (incl VAT)
£15.42 (tax excl.)
A high performance adhesion primer for difficult to coat, hard surfaces. Available in white and pastel to medium shades - not dark colours.
Tikkurila Miranol Tikkurila Miranol
Exterior Wood
£16.92 (excl VAT)
£20.30 (incl VAT)
£16.92 (tax excl.)
Tikkurila Miranol is a super high gloss finish for interior and exterior surfaces. This solvent-based, high-gloss paint has an almost wet-look finish.  Easy to apply, does not sag, and with good levelling properties...
Glixtone Squash Court Paint Glixtone Squash Court Paint
Coatings for Sports Centres
£61.10 (excl VAT)
£73.32 (incl VAT)
£61.10 (tax excl.)
Glixtone Squash Court Paint. Superior quality coating for walls in Squash Courts and other sports halls. Will not affect ball's speed or direction. Highly durable. Dries to a smooth matt finish. Easy-to-clean....
Tikkurila Luja Extra Durable Tikkurila Luja Extra Durable
Wall & Ceiling Paints and Coatings
£14.07 (excl VAT)
£16.89 (incl VAT)
£14.07 (tax excl.)
A waterborne paint for interior walls and ceilings. Contains a specialist fungicide that protects the paint film in damp environments. Ideal for use in areas that require high wash and wear. Such as; lobbies,...
Coatings for Saunas and Wet Rooms
£6.32 (excl VAT)
£7.58 (incl VAT)
£6.32 (tax excl.)
Satu Sauna Finish (Satu Saunasuoja) is a waterborne, thixotropic protection for wooden surfaces. It forms a dirt and water repellent but breathable coat. The clear Satu Sauna Finish doesn't change the natural colour...
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