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Exterior Masonry
£92.39 (excl VAT)
Beeck Quartz Filler is a natural white priming coat especially for bridging over hairline cracks, correcting minor structural defects, and levelling-out surface structure. For use on both interior and exterior...
£0.00 (excl VAT)
Discover the range of Beeck Mineral Paints in this useful brochure.  Stocked by HSP since 2017, the eco-friendly Mineral Paints for interior and exterior walls.  Extremely durable and hard-wearing masonry paints....
Tikkurila Eko Joker Tikkurila Eko Joker
Wall & Ceiling Paints and Coatings
£14.11 (excl VAT)
A very low solvent-free emulsion that resists cleaning and dries to a superfine matt finish with a slight sheen. One of the first paints to be awarded the European ECO Label for low voc and particulate immissions....
Interior Masonry
£17.84 (excl VAT)
Absorbed into the substrate, this high performance coating protects interior and exterior stone and brick for a completely natural finish. Ideal for: stone, plaster, brick, slate, flagstones, fireplaces, exposed stone...
Interior Floors
£6.96 (excl VAT)
The strongest of all 'one pack' varnishes that dries in minutes and cures in 16 hours to protect interior and exterior surfaces. Ideal for: wood, marine, worktops, doors, furniture, concrete paving, unglazed tiles,...
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