Teknos Nature Matt, Water-Borne Matt Finish for Wood Floor and Parquet Lacquer


Teknos Nature Matt Wood Floor and Parquet Lacquer is a single pack, easy to apply, very tough Matt finish for most interior domestic and commercial wooden floors.

Also ideal for refreshing previously sealed wooden floors. (Not suitable for coating diamond pine and treated wood such as smoked oak.)

  • Quick Drying
  • 2 hour recoat
  • Apply by brush or roller
  • Excellent scratch and chemical resistance
  • Low Odour and low VOC
  • Non Yellowing formulation 
  • Full Matt finish
£96.77 (excl VAT)
£116.12 (incl VAT)
£96.77 (tax excl.)
  • 5L
  • Matt
  • Clear

About Teknos Nature Matt Single Pack Water-Borne Wood Floor and Parquet Lacquer

Teknos Nature Matt wood floor and parquet lacquer is a very tough, easy to apply, water-borne Matt finish for domestic and commercial timber floors.

It is rapid drying, excellent scratch, chemical and black heel mark resistance, while being low odour and non-yellowing.

Surface Preparation

Teknos Nature Matt should only be applied to clean, dry surfaces free from dust, dirt, wax, maintenance product residue, grease or anything that will inhibit good adhesion.

Oily hardwoods and knots should be cleaned with a ‘sharp’ solvent.

The use of knotting solution under Nature Matt Wood floor and Parquet Lacquer is not recommended.

As it provides a transparent finish, any marks, scuffs, blemishes or stains will be apparent after treatment.

Do not use wire wool for surface preparation. De-nib between coats with 150 grit sandpaper or similar.

Untreated Floors

  • Punch in all nails and fill holes with an appropriate shade of Prestonnet Flexible Wood filler.
  • Thoroughly sand the floor with a machine sander in the direction of the grain, back to clean, and bright wood.
  • Wood block floors should be sanded twice in two directions at right angles to each other.
  • Avoid inhaling dust by wearing a suitable facemask.
  • 120 grade sandpaper should be used for final sanding. Round off any sharp edges.
  • Repair any surface defects with Wood Filler and sand smooth.
  • Allow dust to settle and remove by vacuuming.
  • Wipe over with a ‘sharp’ solvent and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Prime with Teknos Forme Wood Floor and Parquet Primer and allow to dry.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of Teknos Mature Matt by brush or roller

Previously Varnished Floors

  • Ensure that the surface is clean and free from wax, polish or other contaminants.
  • Thoroughly abrade to form a key using 120 grade sandpaper or wet and dry paper.
  • If the floor has been oiled or coated with a polyurethane or solvent based floor lacquer the floor must be sanded to new fresh timber 
  • Avoid inhaling dust by wearing a suitable facemask.
  • Remove dust by vacuuming and wipe over with a ’sharp’ solvent and allow to dry.
  • Varnish in poor condition should be completely removed.
  • Test a small area first for coating adhesion and/or compatibility prior to treating the whole floor.
  • Apply 1-2 coats of Teknos Nature Matt

Application and Thinning

Use a lamb’s wool or synthetic applicator or roller. Apply along the grain of the wood.

Do not thin.

Avoid over rigorous application.

To ensure good coverage use the applicator to spread the seal evenly and smoothly over the floor, taking care to avoid ponding or excessively thick areas of lacquer.

If required the lacquer may be lightly sanded between coats.

Prior to application of the final coat, lightly de-nib with a 150 grit abrasive paper, remove dust by vacuuming.

Always check adhesion prior to application by applying to a small test area.

After Care

The newly finished floor is fit for light traffic in 1-2 days and reaches its final hardness and washability within 1 -2 weeks.

Rough handling and washing is to be avoided during this period.

Stained surfaces can be cleaned with a moist cleaning cloth or mop - Use a neutral detergent.

Very dirty surfaces can later be cleaned with a slightly alkaline universal washing detergent.


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