Rust-Oleum Epoxy Impregnation Primer 5401


Solvent Free impregantion primer for brittle concrete and porous mineral surfaces

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About Rust-Oleum Epoxy Impregnation Primer 5401

Rust-Oleum Impregnation Primer 5401 is a solvent free, two component epoxy primer for application on concrete and masonry. It provides a good key for adhesion on porous, mineral substrates prior to the application of RUST-OLEUM Floor Coating systems such as, Self Levelling Mortar Compound System 5400, Solvent-free High-Build Epoxy System 5500, High-Performance Epoxy System 9100 Topcoats and can also be used as an adhesion promoter for RUST-OLEUM Concrete Repair Mortar 5403.

  • For concrete and masonry
  • Solvent free 100% solids
  • Transparent finish
  • Overcoat with epoxy or polyurethane coatings

Surface Preparation

New concrete should cure and dry for at least 30 days prior to the application of the product.

Remove oil, grease and all other surface contaminations ND14 Cleaner Degreaser or high pressure- (steam) cleaning.

Remove loose or unsound concrete by vacuum-blasting or etching with RUST-OLEUM Surfa-Etch 108 Etching Solution.

Remove concrete curing compounds completely. Surface defects in the concrete should be repaired with or Repair Mortar 5403. Small (hair) cracks and air-pockets should be repaired with Fine Crack Filler.

The surface should be clean and dry during application.

Application and Thinning

Absorbent mineral substrates like concrete:

Very porous: up to 20% with RUST-OLEUM 160 Thinner.

Normal porosity: 10% up to 30% with RUST-OLEUM 160 Thinner.

Power floated (slightly porous): 20% up to 40% with RUST-OLEUM 160 Thinner.

Brush: Use natural long bristles brushes.

Roller: Use medium pile, 12 mm, perlon or polyester rollers.For textured surfaces use long pile 14-18 mm rollers.  

Drying Time - Touch Dry
Drying Time - To Handle
Drying Time - Recoat
Drying Time - Full Cure
1 Week
Coverage (m2 / litre)
Brush, Roller
Single / Two Pack
Two Pack
Water Based

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