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Sikkens Joinery Coatings Colour Guide for Factory Applied Translucent Coatings Formulated for industrial wood finishes.  Includes 8 examples of the Sikkens Joinery Colour Classics semi-transparent shades.  For use...
Exterior Masonry
£11.95 (tax excl.)
£11.95 (excl VAT)
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Siloksan Façade is a waterborne, flat silicone emulsion based paint for mineral surfaces. The paint is very permeable and water-repellent. It is free from solvents that contain aromatics.   It is suitable for new and...
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General purpose thinners and cleaning solvent. Not to be used for thinning two-pack polyurethane and acid catalysed products.
Glasscol Coating Glasscol Coating
Coatings for Glass
£11.60 (tax excl.)
£11.60 (excl VAT)
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Glasscol is a very high quality smooth and even coating for the reverse side of decorative glass panels. It is available in many finishes including a 'frosted' appearance. It is spray applied.
Exterior Masonry
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£48.00 (excl VAT)
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Siloksan Gel is mixed together with Siloksan Facade Silicone Emulsion paint on mineral surfaces such as external concrete, plaster, lime render, brick and mineral boards. It eliminates the need for a primer/sealer...
Interior Floors
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Ultra tough crystal clear protection for interior floors Ideal for: wooden floors, cork tiles, stone, slate, brick, quarry tiles, wooden worktops Finishes: Dead Flat, Satin Size: 100ml, 1L, 2L, 4L
Tikkurila Valtti Ultra Tikkurila Valtti Ultra
Exterior Wood
£17.88 (tax excl.)
£17.88 (excl VAT)
£21.46 (incl VAT)
Tikkurila Ultra is an extended durability acrylic paint for painting exterior wood surfaces. Typically lasts between 8-10 years. Great for wooden exterior cladding, weatherboards, etc Will paint untreated,...
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A colourless, water-based sealant to fill pores on end-grain areas to reduce damaging water ingress For interior and exterior timber components  Low-odour Quick drying Easy to apply   Part of the High Performance...
Metal Paints and Coatings
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£41.04 (excl VAT)
£49.25 (incl VAT)
Rust-Oleum NOXYDE is premium water based, easy-to-use product ideal for long-term corrosion protection of metal surfaces. The ultimate in corrosion and waterproofing protection, for long lasting durability! Ultimate...
Anti-Slip Floor Coatings
£21.07 (tax excl.)
£21.07 (excl VAT)
£25.28 (incl VAT)
Slip deterrent finish. A unique clear satin, UV resistant, microporous, high solid content protective antislip finish for application onto exterior wood flooring and decking. Ideal for: patios, decking, utility rooms,...
Other Specialist Coatings
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Crackle Glaze for cracked paint effects for use with emulsion. Designed to produce consistent cracking of emulsion paint. Ideal for: furniture, skirting, architrave, pottery, picture frames, decorative aged effects...
Exterior Wood
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£15.75 (excl VAT)
£18.90 (incl VAT)
Futura 3 is a multi-purpose solvent based primer that can also be used both as an adhesion primer and primer surfacer. Finish: full-matt. Futura 3 is intended for priming of surfaces indoors and outdoors, such as...
Tikkurila Helmi Furniture Paint Tikkurila Helmi Furniture Paint
Interior Wood
£14.73 (tax excl.)
£14.73 (excl VAT)
£17.68 (incl VAT)
Tikkurila Helmi Furniture and trim paint has high abrasion and chip resistance making it ideal for painting furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors and wooden trim. It is easy to clean. It is available in a Matt, Semi Matt...
Glixtone Masonry Paint AC1 Glixtone Masonry Paint AC1
Exterior Masonry
£52.65 (tax excl.)
£52.65 (excl VAT)
£63.18 (incl VAT)
Glixtone AC1 High-Performance Masonry Paint  - Protective water-based coating for exterior masonry - Lasts for up to 30 years - Outstanding anti-carbonation properties - UV, moisture and weather resistant - Repels...
Tikkurila Valtti Color Tikkurila Valtti Color
Exterior Wood
£14.77 (tax excl.)
£14.77 (excl VAT)
£17.72 (incl VAT)
Tikkurila Valtti Color is a long life, penetrating low-build translucent exterior wood finish. Available in a vast range of semi-transparent colours, valtti color enhances the natural beauty of the wood.  Protects the...
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