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Aquatint Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint Aquatint Waterborne Swimming Pool Paint
£65.27 (excl VAT)
The Aquatint Swimming Pool Paint is a high performance and durable finishing coat for rendered and tiled swimming pools and garden ponds. The water based formula seals and finishes the walls, ceilings, rendered and...
Exterior Masonry
£14.43 (excl VAT)
Beeck Fixative is a multi-purpose product that can be used as a primer, thinner or binder. For use with Beeckosil or Renosil Mineral Paint systems.
£14.99 (excl VAT)
A colourless, water-based sealant to fill pores on end-grain areas to reduce damaging water ingress For interior and exterior timber components  Low-odour Quick drying Easy to apply   Part of the High Performance...
£0.00 (excl VAT)
Sikkens Joinery Coatings Colour Guide for Factory Applied Translucent Coatings Formulated for industrial wood finishes.  Includes 8 examples of the Sikkens Joinery Colour Classics semi-transparent shades.  For use...
Beeck Beeckosil Fine Silicate Paint Beeck Beeckosil Fine Silicate Paint
Exterior Masonry
£82.29 (excl VAT)
Beeckosil Fine is an extremely durable mineral paint used on exterior walls. Ideal coating specifically for uncoated mineral substrates: lime and cement renders or plasters, concrete, brick and calcium silicate...
Metal Paints and Coatings
£41.04 (excl VAT)
Rust-Oleum NOXYDE is premium water based, easy-to-use product ideal for long-term corrosion protection of metal surfaces. The ultimate in corrosion and waterproofing protection, for long lasting durability! Ultimate...
Glasscol Coating Glasscol Coating
£11.60 (excl VAT)
Glasscol is a very high quality smooth and even coating for the reverse side of decorative glass panels. It is available in many finishes including a 'frosted' appearance. It is spray applied.
Other Specialist Coatings
£4.30 (excl VAT)
Crackle Glaze for cracked paint effects for use with emulsion. Designed to produce consistent cracking of emulsion paint. Ideal for: furniture, skirting, architrave, pottery, picture frames, decorative aged effects...
Exterior Masonry
£16.72 (excl VAT)
Beeck Etching Fluid is an acidic concentrate used especially for removing the sinter skin on a new mineral render. Also creates a Silicification-active surface for subsequent treatments with the Beeck silicate...
Roof Paints and Coatings
£151.50 (excl VAT)
A quick drying water resistant coating system for horizontal flat roofs. Resistant to standing water one hour after use. Excellent resistance to temperature variations. Two-Pack Product.
Exterior Floors
£21.07 (excl VAT)
Slip deterrent finish. A unique clear satin, UV resistant, microporous, high solid content protective antislip finish for application onto exterior wood flooring and decking. Ideal for: patios, decking, utility rooms,...
Beeck Renosil Coarse Beeck Renosil Coarse
Exterior Masonry
£82.29 (excl VAT)
Coarse-grained primer and intermediate coating for the Beeck Renosil Exterior Paints System. For bridging over hairline cracks or minor defects on previously coated exteriors. Ready-to-use, to be applied as thorough...
Roof Paints and Coatings
£11.95 (excl VAT)
Rust-Oleum Fillcoat instant waterproofing system. Suitable for roofs, non-walkable terraces, pipes, gutters, ridges, pipes and chimney stacks and more. Good resistance to weathering, UV and temperature fluctuations....
Exterior Masonry
£85.71 (excl VAT)
Beeck Silane Primer, especially for use where salt deposits and efflorescence are present on an exterior surface. Reduces the capillary water transport whilst avoiding further water intake. Base coat for the Beeck...
Interior Wood
£11.85 (excl VAT)
A special black high performance, low formaldehyde acid catalysed enamel in semi matt finish for the shop fitting and cabinet manufacturing industry. It is easy to apply by spray and dries to a very durable finish...
Roof Paints and Coatings
£12.45 (excl VAT)
Rust-Oleum Fillcoat Fibres, for instant waterproofing for roofs, gutters, ridges, pipes and chimney stacks etc.  Similar to the Fillcoat system but includes a fibre structure. Use Fillcoat Fibers if surfaces have...
Beeck Renosil Fine Beeck Renosil Fine
Exterior Masonry
£82.29 (excl VAT)
Beeck Renosil Fine is an extremely durable mineral paint, used for renovating previously coated exterior walls. When applied to existing coatings Renosil re-mineralises the surface and has exceptional UV resistance....
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