Rust-Oleum Mathys from Belgium manufacture unrivaled floor, metal, cladding and roof coatings for all environments. Industrial durability for protection where its needed most.

£4.76 (excl VAT)
A ready for use, high performance cleaner/degreaser, to clear grease, oil, proteins, dirt and many other contaminants. Ideal for use on metal, mineral, coated and concrete surfaces. 
£6.97 (excl VAT)
Rust-Oleum 2990 Stainblocker is a matt white high-pigmented coating for the permanent isolation of problem stains. Ideal for nicotine, soot, tar and rust and the effects of moisture, and graffiti. Can be applied...
Roof Paints and Coatings
£157.86 (excl VAT)
A quick drying water resistant coating system for horizontal flat roofs. Resistant to standing water one hour after use. Excellent resistance to temperature variations. Two-Pack Product.
Interior Wood
£19.26 (excl VAT)
RustOleum Fassilux Aqua XPE is a hard-wearing, and durable, waterbased paint for interior woodwork.  With excellent scratch and wear resistance, the Fassilux Aqua is perfect for painting kitchen cabinets, radiators,...
Roof Paints and Coatings
£12.45 (excl VAT)
Rust-Oleum Fillcoat instant waterproofing system. Suitable for roofs, non-walkable terraces, pipes, gutters, ridges, pipes and chimney stacks and more. Good resistance to weathering, UV and temperature fluctuations....
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