Teknos Teknol Aqua 1410 Wood Priming Oil


Teknol Aqua 1410 Wood Prining Oil is an aqueous industrial wood preservative for new untreated wood formulated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

The product protects the wood surface and the treated area against wood destroying and wood discolouring fungi. 

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About Teknos Teknol Aqua 1410 Wood Priming Oil

Teknol Aqua 1410  Wood Preservative is an industrial water based wood preservative for new untreated wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

This unique water based preservative has active biocides which inhibit mould and fungal growth and resist migration on ageing.

After application of this product the wood surface will become more dimensionally stable and the wood more durable.

Can be applied by flow coat, dipping or spraying (manual or automated), brush and roller.

Typically used for non-durable soft and hardwood.

Wood treated with Teknol Aqua 1410 must be coated with a topcoat prior being used for exterior elements.

Teknol Aqua 1410 minimizes patchiness in subsequent translucent surface treatments.

Teknol Aqua 1410 is only available as clear, which typically is used for exterior windows and doors, shutters, conservatories, balconies, garden furniture, fences and claddings.


The wood must always be clean and free from any dust or contamination before applying this product. The moisture content of the wood should always be 13% and should never exceed 15%. 


This product can be applied by brush, flow coating, manual or automated spraying. Always follow the instructions on the label. 

Application Conditions

The product is supplied ready for use.

Stir the product well before use. 

System Treatment

The treated parts must always be protected with a topcoat before they can be exposed to any influence of weather. 

The equipment must always be cleaned with water after use. 

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