Repaircare Dry Flex 4 (2 in 1 Cartridge)

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High performance elastic repair compound for fast and permanent timber repairs and splicing. 

Fills and repairs gaps, cracks and construction joints. 

Dry Flex 4, 2 in 1 contains both components of Dry Flex 4. 

Easy to apply with a standard skeleton gun. 

Can be sanded and painted in 4 hours. 

Suitable for Internal and External Use.

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Product Info

DRY FLEX 2 in 1 tester cartridge holds measured amounts of Dry Flex 4 components A and B. It is the one of the new generation of high performance materials to repair joinery wood, cast iron rainwater and stone building components. It is suitable for making large resin only and timber, stone repairs. DRY FLEX 4 has high adhesive qualities and holds its shape without slumping or sagging even before it has cured. It has been approved for making repairs to important and Grade I / Grade II listed buildings.

Retains as much as possible of original joinery.
Ideal for sensitive conservation projects.
Does not require traditional joinery skills.
Based on a unique flexible epoxy based resin.
Formulated to expand and contract with timber substrates.
Watertight bond with timber, metal and masonry substrates.
Ideal for small and large splice repairs.
Easy to shape and model to reproduce complex architectural forms and mouldings.
Excellent slump resistance.
Solvent free, virtually odourless.
Extended pot life.
10 year repair guarantee (conditions apply)*.

Surface Preparation
Preparation and application. Surfaces need to be clean, dry and free from any contamination that may affect the adhesion of the Dry fix Primer. Rotten timber needs to be cut away to sound fresh woodwork.

- Check the moisture content of the surface (maximum 18%)
- Ensure that all decayed or excessively soft wood, and weathered, damaged or burnt wood is completely removed until a sound wood substrate is achieved
- All surfaces must be free of dust, dirt, grease, raised wood fibres and general surface contamination.
- Remove any paint coatings from the surfaces to be treated and sand back to bare wood.

- On all applications, pre-treat the affected area with DRY FIX 4.
- Remove any excess DRY FIX 4 which has not penetrated into the wood with absorbent paper.
- Sand the cured surface before paint is applied.

Practical Recommendations and Useful Hints
- Mix the components A and B until the mixture has a homogeneous / even colour.
- Avoid exposing the mixed products to direct sunlight (it reduces the application period).
- Spread the mixed DRY FLEX 4 in a thin layer over the mixing plate (increases the application period).
- When modelling corners and large repairs, the use of Perspex acrylic strips is very effective.
- DRY FLEX can be coloured by adding a very small quantity of concentrated pigment.
- Repaired and exposed areas of timber should be painted or stained within one week.


Technical Data
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 4 hours
Type Two Pack
Application Method Spatula
Single / Two Pack Single Pack


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