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Teak Oil

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High quality, traditional teak oil to maintain wooden furniture at retain its natural beauty. 

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For retaining the rich, golden beauty of hard woods such as Teak, Afromosia etc.
If used regularly Teak Oil will nourish, revive and feed the wood. It will prevent weathering and greying reducing the risk of surface splitting.

Apply to the surface following the grain using a lint free cloth.
Wait 15 minutes, and wipe off any excess with a clean, dry rag following the grain and allow to dry overnight.
Repeat the application process once or twice more until the timber is saturated. Wipe off any excess and allow to dry.
New timber will need to be treated with teak oil every three months.

Technical Data
Finish Matt
Solvent Based Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 4 hours
02.Drying Time (To handle) 6-7 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 24 hours
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 1 Week
Type Single Pack
Application Method Brush, Cloth


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