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Glixtone Squash Court Paint

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Glixtone Squash Court Paint 

- Superior quality coating for walls in Squash Courts and other sports halls 

- Will not affect ball's speed or direction 

Highly durable

- Dries to a smooth matt finish

- Easy-to-clean 

- Quick-drying, re-coatable in 5 hours 

- Can be tinted to white and light shades  

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Brand: Glixtone

Product Info

Glixtone Squash Court Paint 

Fed up of re-painting your squash court? Try Glixtone's hard wearing, fully washable, Squash Court Paint



Glixtone’s high quality emulsion is specially designed to protect the walls of squash courts and sports halls. It has outstanding durability and dries to an attractive, smooth matt finish.


Squash Court Paint is recommended by English Squash and Racket Ball and unlike most other coatings, it will not affect the ball's speed or direction!  

Squash Court Paint is perfect for over-coating marked and damaged walls due to its excellent opacity and hiding power. It is quick drying and once fully cured, can be washed again and again.


The paint adheres well to most types of surface and in most cases will not require a primer undercoat.


The solvent-based Squash Court Paint is non-toxic and contains the minimum quantities of non-aggressive solvents.


When purchased from Holman Specialist Paints, your Squash Court Paint can be tinted to any white or light colour. We can match any colour from any trade or professional colour card. The colour possibilities don’t end there - we can use our paint scanner to create an exact colour match from any flat surface, in the past we’ve created colours from, fabric, wood, plastic and even a book cover! 

Technical Data
Finish Matt
Application Brush, Roller or Spray
Solvent Based Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 2 - 3 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 5 - 6 hours
m2 / litre 10 - 12
Colour White or can be tinted to any light colour
Thinning up to 10% with white spirit if needed

Squash Court Paint

Health and Safety Data Sheet

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