Tikkurila Vinyl Matt


A high performance, full-matt paint with excellent coverage for interior walls. Excellent opacity, easy application and a class II scrub rating.

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About Tikkurila Vinyl Matt

Introducing Vinyl Matt - a high performance emulsion for interior walls. Designed to deliver a striking, full matt finish with high opacity and great hiding power.

Vinyl Matt has a class II web scrub resistance rating, offering a cleanable and wipeable long-lasting finish.

Easily applied, and suitable for painting with brush, roller or spray - depending on user preference.

Ideal for painting the walls and ceilings in living rooms, bedrooms and children's room - as well as other dry spaces in the home.

Vinyl matt can be applied to multiple surfaces including concrete, plaster and brick. 


The surface to be painted must be dry, the ambient temperature at least +10 °C and the relative humidity of air below 80%.

Surface preparation - Unpainted surfaces

Clean the new surfaces by removing any dirt and dust. If necessary, level the surfaces with suitable Tikkurila filler and sand the dried surface. Remove the sanding dust. Prime the surface with Tikkurila Optiva Primer, for example.

Surface preparation - Previously painted surfaces

Wash surfaces with detergent (e.g Tikkurila Seinäpesu). Sand the painted surfaces non-glossy. Remove the sanding dust. Fill any cracks and holes with suitable Tikkurila filler and sand the dried surface. Remove the sanding dust. If necessary prime the surface with Tikkurila Optiva Primer.

Painting and Thinning

Stir Vinyl Matt well before use and thin with water, if necessary (up to 5% of the paint volume).

Apply 1–2 coats by roller, brush or spray.

Cleaning of tools

Clean tools with water. Tikkurila Pensselipesu Tool Cleaner is recommended to remove slightly hardened paint.

Maintenance instructions

If needed, after approx. 1 month from treating the surface, at the earliest.

The surfaces are cleaned with a dry brush or dust towel.

Dirty surfaces are cleaned with a damp cleaning tool moistened in a neutral (pH 6-8) washing solution.

The surface may not remain wet after cleaning.

Follow the dilution instructions given by the detergent manufacturer when mixing the cleaning solution.

The product achieves its final hardness and durability after one month under normal conditions, and therefore the surfaces must be handled with care during this time.

If the surfaces need to be cleaned soon after finishing, clean them lightly with a dry or damp cleaning cloth.

Maintenance treatment

Surfaces painted with Vinyl Matt interior paint can be maintenance painted with the same or similar water-borne paint.

Environmental protection and waste disposal

Destroy liquid waste according to the local regulations for hazardous waste. Recycle empty, dry cans or dispose of them in accordance with local regulations.

Drying Time - Touch Dry
1/2 Hours
Drying Time - Recoat
3 Hours
Airless, Spray, Brush, Roller
Water Based

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