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Prestonett Interior Quick Dry Filler

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A high performance polymer modified filler that is quick drying and creates a smooth finish. It has excellent adhesion and can even be used for levelling tiled walls in kitchen and bathrooms. It is particularly suitable for renovation work and can be over coated after just 3 hours

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Brand: Beissier

Product Info

It is suitable for filling holes and cracks up to 40mm size in interior surfaces. It is quick and easy to mix and can be applied in thick layers. It does not shrink or crack. 


Once dry it is easy to sand to a very smooth brilliant white finish and will not flash or grin through subsequent paint finishes.


Interior Quick Dry Filler can also be applied to damp surfaces.


Suitable for filling,

  • Fine Grain concrete, concrete and cellular concrete
  • Brick and Concrete block
  • Cement
  • Plaster and Plasterboard
  • Stone
  • Mortars
  • Glass Mosaic
  • Glass Cloth


And can be used to over- coat light weight wall coverings and interior paint


Application Method

Mix with 45% water

Apply using a filling knife or blade


Do not try to remix the filler once it has started to set.



Can be painted once dry and there is no need to spot prime.


Technical Data
Dilution rate 45%
Application thickness Up to 40mm
Working Time 40 minutes
Average Consumption 1kg powder fills a volume of 1 litre


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