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Rust-Oleum Dacfill

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A super elastic liquid membrane that quickly makes your roof watertight 

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Please note that due to the current Coronavirus situation, all Rust-Oleum products are subject to a 10 day lead time.

Dacfill forms a long lasting rubber-like coat without joints or seams on all types of roofs with a slope of more than 1%.

Resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, heat, frost and pollution
Easy to apply with a brush, roller or airless spray
Ideal for roofs and chimney slabs with a minimum slope of 1%
Barely flammable and self-extinguishing

Dacfill can be reinforced with Dacfill-fleece for even greater mechanical performance

Surface Preparation
The substrate must be clean and dry, free from flakes, gravel, dust and dirt.
Fill up joints with Elastofill, bridge active cracks with "Dacfill bridging fleece" and apply one of the following priming coats:
On porous concrete, hard PVC and polyester use Primer 44 HS;
On very smooth concrete: Noxyde diluted with 25% water;
On iron and steel: undiluted Noxyde.
Roofing or bituminous materials more than 1 year old can be coated directly with Dacfill.
Zinc, galvanised steel, copper, lead and aluminium can be recoated with Dacfill after the surface has been degreased and lightly sanded.

Application and Thinning
Brush: Use a wide masonry brush or similar. If necessary dilute with water.
Roller: Use a long pile roller and dilute with water to ease application.
Air-atomised spray: Not recommended.
Airless spray: Nozzle: 18 - 23 / Pressure: 220 bars

Do not apply on tar, soft PVC or bituminous materials less than 1 year old
The use of the Dacfill-Fleece is necessary for any roof with a slope < 5%, in case of water pooling and when there is a potential for minor movements of the roof

Technical Data
Finish Matt
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 2 hours
02.Drying Time (To handle) 6 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 24 hours
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 1 Week
Application Method Brush Roller,Spray
Single / Two Pack Single
Coverage (Smooth) 0.6-3 kg/m2
Colour White,Black,Grey,Tile Red
Base Water based


Material Safety Data Sheet for Dacfill

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