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Rust-Oleum Fillcoat

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Rust-Oleum Fillcoat instant waterproofing system.

Suitable for roofs, non-walkable terraces, pipes, gutters, ridges, pipes and chimney stacks and more. 

Good resistance to weathring, UV and temperature fluctuations. 

1300% elastic. 

Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black Colour Options. 

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Please note that due to the current Coronavirus situation, all Rust-Oleum products are subject to a 10 day lead time.

Rust-Oleum Fillcoat Instant Waterproofing System

Fillcoat from Rust-Oleum provides an instantly waterproof elastic coating. Suitable for coating roofs, non-walkable terraces, gutters, ridge-pieces, chimney stacks, pipes, etc. It has excellent resistance against temperature fluctuations and UV.

Fillcoat does not contain bituminous products and has excellent adhesion onto bituminous surfaces, hard PVC, polyester, zinc, aluminium, glass, tiles, etc. 

Properties for Rust-Oleum Fillcoat:

- Immediately watertight
- Good resistance to weather and acid rain
- Can be used in all weather conditions – except snow
- Excellent adhesion to a very wide range of substrates
- Easy to apply with a roller, brush, floor squeegee or spatula
- Can be over coated with protective coatings such as Dacfill, Noxyde®
- Elastic up to 1300%

Surface Preparation
Remove dust, mud, grease and any surface contamination. The spots to be repaired should be cleaned with a hard broom and sponge. Porous materials (concrete, stone, wood) must first be dried and pre-treated with a coat of Primer 44HS.
In case of repeatedly repaired spots, important or active cracks, apply Fillcoat Fibres crosswise over the cracks or fissures.

Sound Surfaces: Suitable for coating sound surfaces with minimal or no cracks.

Surfaces with small cracks: If small cracks are present, Fillcoat Fibres can be used for bridging active or important cracks, or cracks up to 2mm wide.

Cracks Larger than 2mm: If the cracks are larger than 2mm, or are important, active or are repeatedly repaired apply the Fillcoat without fibres and reinforce with Dacfill-fleece. Apply one coat of the Fillcoat, unroll Dacfill Fleece and then cover immediately with another coat of Fillcoat. 

Application and Thinning:
Brush, do not dilute.
Roller, do not dilute.
Air-atomised spray, not recommended.
Airless spray, not recommended.

Technical Data
Coverage Smooth
Solvent Based Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 4 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 3-14 days
Smooth Coverage (m2 / litre) 1-1.5
Type Single Pack
Flammable Yes
Application Method Brush, Roller
Thinning Not Recommended


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