Rust-Oleum Waterproof Repair 3486


For instant leak repair to roofs, gutters, ridge-pieces, pipes, chimney stacks, sky lights, etc.

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About Rust-Oleum Waterproof Repair 3486

A ready to use waterproofing repair compound for instant leak repairs in any weather conditions.

It is ideal for repairs to roofs, gutters, drain pipes, ridge-pieces, sky lights, cornices, chimney stacks, pipes, etc.

It seals leaks instantly, even on damp or wet surfaces forming a durable elastic coating that withstands temperature changes and UV-light.

The compound is able to bridge cracks up to 2 mm (larger cracks can be bridged using a special reinforcement fleece) and adheres to roofing, felt, slate, corrugated, bitumen, asphalt, hard PVC, polyester, zinc, brickwork, aluminium, glass, tiles and many other substrates.

Crack bridging (2mm max)

1300% elastic

Fibres reinforced for extra mechanical performance

Can be applied on wet surfaces

Use a bridging fleece for cracks larger than 2mm

Also available in an easy to use emergency kit that includes - 1 litre repair compound, instruction sheet, brush, gloves, stir stick, sanding plate, crack bridging fleece.

Surface Preparation

Remove any standing water, algae, lichens and loose chippings thoroughly. Clean the spots to be repaired with a hard broom and wash with a wet sponge. After cleaning, Rust-Oleum Waterproof can be applied directly on the substrate. Minimum wet film thickness 1 mm. In case of repeatedly repaired spots or movement cracks, apply crosswise over the cracks or fissures.

Application and Thinning

Brush, Do not dilute.

Roller, Do not dilute.

Air-atomised spray, Not possible.

Airless spray, Not recommended.

Spatula, Do not dilute.

Do not apply the product onto polystyrene insulation or new concrete. Not recommended for use in swimming pools, ponds or baths.

Drying Time - Touch Dry
Drying Time - Recoat
3-14 days
Single / Two Pack
Water Based
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