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Combicolor Hammertone

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An attractive hammer effect finish and one coat interior and exterior  maintenance system for metal. Can be applied directly to rust.

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CombiColor Hammertone is a primer and topcoat in one, with an attractive hammer paint finish. It contains rust-inhibitive pigments and is suitable for all types of bare, manually de-rusted metalwork such as decorative metalwork, industrial equipment, machinery, building, construction, and automotive components.

Attractive hammer finish
Long lasting Protection
Excellent coverage and very high hiding power in one coat
For interior and exterior use
Sag resistant
Low odour
Can be a applied at low temperatures

Surface Preparation
Remove oil, grease and all other surface contamination with ND14 Cleaner Degreaser or high pressure (steam) cleaning. Remove rust scale, loose mill scale, loose rust and loose coatings by scraping and wire brushing, light blast cleaning or sanding. Sand intact coatings to roughen the surface slightly.
The surface must be clean and dry during application.
Galvanised, Zinc and Aluminium surfaces need to be primed with Combi Adhesion Primer 3302.

Application and Thinning
Brush: Up to 10 vol. % with Thinner 7301.
Use natural bristles, long hair flat brushes for optimal hammertone appearance.
Roller: Up to 10 vol. % with Thinner 7301.
Use short pile polyamide (Perlon 6 - 12 mm) rollers.
Air-atomised spray: 10-25 vol.% Thinner 7302.
Gravity cup and pressure cup.
Tip size: 1.0 - 1.5 mm. Atomising pressure 2 - 4 bar.

Technical Data
Coverage Smooth
Finish Gloss
Solvent Based Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 1.5 hours (1 hour aerosol)
02.Drying Time (To handle) 5 hours (4 hours aerosol)
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 16 hours (2 hour aerosol)
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 1 Week
Smooth Coverage (m2 / litre) 10.5 (2-3 m2 per can)
Type Single Pack
Flammable yes
Application Method Brush, Roller, Aerosol


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