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Rust-Oleum Anti Slip Sheet

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Rust-Oleum Anti Slip Sheet is a highly versatile and hard wearing non slip surface on a tough fibreglass base. 

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Please note that due to the current Coronavirus situation, all Rust-Oleum products are subject to a 10 day lead time.

Highly versatile, heavy duty anti slip sheets. The robust GRP provides a corrosion resistant
surface for damaged, worn or slippery steps ramps, walkways, bridges, machine
shop floors etc.
Easily fixed in place with Anglo Adhesive Mastic or drill and screw to substrate.

Tough carborundum particles resin bonded to a fibreglass base
Highly resistant to wear, chemicals and UV radiation
Ideal for areas in constant use that cannot be closed off for a liquid
Anti-slip coating
Excellent slip resistance - even in wet or oily conditions
Easily cut with a hacksaw of abrasive disc

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