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Anti Slip Ramp

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Anti Slip Access Ramps from RustOleum

Heavy duty fibreglass sheet with a tough anti slip surface. 

Essential for overcoming physical barriers.

Suitable for interior and exterior use. 

Engineered to exceed DDA legislation. 

Excellent slip resistance in all weather. 

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Anti Slip Access Ramps from RustOleum

This range of fibreglass and aluminium ramps are essential for overcoming physical barriers for disabled persons. Access ramps are the most economical solution for dealing with these barriers. 

Suitable for: Private and Commercial Building Access, Fire Escapes, Interior and Exterior Steps. 

The ramps are engineered to exceed current DDA legislation and manufactured to ISO 9001 standards so you can be sure that every ramp is of the highest quality.

Ramps can cope with loads of up to 300kg, Designed to last up to 10 years. (subject to traffic analysis)

Suitable for standard pedestrian, wheelchair/mobility scooter traffic

Product Properties 

- Slip resistant top surface
- Meets The Disability Discrimination Act
- Portable and foldable
- High Quality Fibreglass and Aluminium
- Anti slip track surface
- High load capacity
- Lightweight

Access Ramps Cleaning Guide and Tips

- Whilst Access Ramps are extremely resilient to dirt and contaminants, it can become dirty over time and use. Any dirt and debris can easily be removed using a stiff brush and should be carried out on a regular basis.

- If a spillage has occurred or dirt has become embedded, detergents can be used. Before applying to the whole area always do a test patch. Using the detergent warm water and a suitable brush, scrub areas until clean. Excess water can be removed using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. 

- Where circumstances allow, Access Ramps can be power washed. 


Please read data sheet for fixing instructions.

General Routine Maintenance 

The security of the access ramps should be checked on a regular basis. Where possible, a monthly inspection would be advisable. 

Anti-Slip Ramp Sizes and Specifications

Rustoleum Anit-Slip Access Ramp Sizes and Specification


Anti-Slip Ramp Specification

Sizes and Dimensions for Rustoleum Anti-Slip Access Ramps

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