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Zinsser Pocket Guide to Surface Priming and Decorating 

85 Pages of helpful guidance for surface preparation, application and information on the Zinsser products.

A handy guide for both new decorators and seasoned professionals, that fits in your pocket.

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Brand: Zinsser

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“Over 165 years of know-how packed into an indispensable book that’s BIG on solving painting problems, yet small enough to fit in your pocket.”

This book has been designed to make the life of the professional painter and decorator an easier one. It’s packed with expert advice on priming and finishing (what seems like) every substrate under the sun with detailed guidance and specialist product recommendations.

The book is presented by Zinsser, the leader in specialist, stain-blocking and adhesion promoting primers in the UK. A full overview of the Zinsser range with practical hints and tips that will help every painting professional is also included.


A - Z substrates guide 4
Zinsser product guide 51
5 reasons to prime 76
Airless spraying advice 77
Zinsser top tips 78
Coverage guide 80
Conversions 81
The story of Shellac 82
Contact Zinsser 84
Brand websites 85

Holman Specialist Paints are an official distributor of the Zinsser UK products. 


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