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Rust-Oleum Murfill Quartz - High Build Finish

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An elastic, crack bridging and a 100% waterproof finish with a quartz structure to camouflage surface unevenness.

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An elastic crack bridging and waterproof façade coating with a fine quartz structure suitable for coating and waterproofing walls and façades. It can be applied on substrates such as masonry, concrete, brick and cellular concrete. Repairs small areas of damage or irregularities in the substrate.

100% Waterproof
Permeable to water vapour
Extremely resistant to ageing
Fine quartz structure camouflages surface unevenness
Protects steel reinforced concrete against carbonisation and corrosion.

Surface Preparation
Murlill Quartz can be applied directly on old (sound) paintwork after thorough brushing down.
Chalking paints or substrates must be treated first - after high-pressure water cleaning -with Pegafix.
New or non-painted substrates: on porous materials apply first a coat of Primer 44HS or Pegafix.
On smooth non-porous substrates apply a thin coat of Noxyde diluted with 25% water or a coat of Pegalink.
Cracks > 0,5 mm wide: fill with Elastofill
Active movement cracks must be bridged with Murfill fleece.

Application and Thinning
Brush: Apply with masonry brush. Do not dilute.
Roller: Perforated foam or long pile roller. Do not dilute.
Air-atomised spray: Low pressure spraying equipment (nozzle about 3 - 4 mm) with worm pump. Do not dilute.

Technical Data
Coverage Smooth
Finish Quartz Matt
Waterbased Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 4 hours
02.Drying Time (To handle) 7 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 24 hours
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 48 hours
Smooth Coverage (m2 / litre) 1-2.5
Type Single Pack
Application Method Brush, Roller, Spray


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