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Glixtone Masonry Paint AC1

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Glixtone AC1 High-Performance Masonry Paint 

- Protective water-based coating for exterior masonry

- Lasts for up to 30 years

- Outstanding anti-carbonation properties

- UV, moisture and weather resistant

- Repels dirt and mould

- Water vapour permeable

- Can be tinted to a vast range of colours

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Brand: Glixtone

Product Info

Glixtone AC1 High-Performance Masonry Paint

A protective water-based masonry coating which lasts for up to 30 years!

Glixtone's Masonry Paint dries to a super smooth, long-lasting clean finish. It has excellent opacity, flows out beautifully and can be recoated in just 4 hours.

AC1 Masonry Paint gives your building a long lasting beautiful appearance. The coating provides high UV resistance and shows outstanding resistance to weathering. The waterproof masonry coating will not peel or blister and effectively protects your building against moisture damage.

This Masonry Paint has exceptional anti-carbonation properties and is extremely resistant to salt, acid and alkali damage.

Glixtone’s Masonry coating keeps your building looking clean, the dry paint film repels dirt and its anti-fungal agent prevents fungal and algae attacks.

AC1 Masonry Paint is extremely flexible. The elastomeric film moves with the building, reducing the risk of the paint film, cracking or peeling. To prevent paint film from blistering, Glixtone’s Masonry Paint is moisture vapour permeable allowing the building to breath.

Glixtone’s Masonry Paint is designed for use as a weather-resistant, decorative finish for concrete, cement render, most masonry surfaces and metal. It is perfect for coating domestic dwellings, public historic buildings and town, country, and water front properties.


Apply by brush, spray or roller 

Average coverage rate of 6m2 per Litre

Apply two coats allowing 2-4 hours drying time. 

Thoroughly prepare the surface prior to application, removing any organic growth, and any flaking or loose material. 

Do not thin, or apply in temperatures below 5 Degrees. 

Technical Data
Finish Satin
Application brush, roller or spray
Waterbased Yes
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 2 - 4 hours
m2 / litre 6
Colour white, tinted to your colour

Glixtone AC1 Masonry Paint

Health and Safety Data Sheet

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Info Poster

Glixtone Ac1 Info Poster

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