Tikkurila Parketti-Ässä Quick Drying Floor Lacquer


A highly durable water-borne polyurethane-acrylate lacquer for coating interior sanded wooden surfaces. No need for a separate priming lacquer.

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About Tikkurila Parketti-Ässä Quick Drying Floor Lacquer

Water-borne polyurethane-acrylate lacquer for varnishing interior sanded wooden surfaces and is ideas for recoating and maintaining existing coated floors. No separate priming lacquer is required. It is ideal for parquet and board floors and other interior wooden surfaces which are subject to heavy mechanical and chemical pressures. Always ensure the product is suitable for the wooden surface by testing it on a small area before treating the whole surface.

Note: Not suitable for diamond pine, smoked oak or stabilized brown beech surfaces.

Surface Preparation and Application

Sand parquet and board floors mechanically and fill holes over 0.5 mm wide with a putty made of wooden sanding dust and Parketti-Ässä lacquer. Apply the putty to the whole floor with a stainless steel spatula with crossed strokes. Sand after approx. one hour in the direction of the grain. Pour the lacquer on the floor and spread with a stainless steel trowel tightly in direction of the wood grain and texture. Allow to dry for approximately 1 hour and if needed sand to de nib the surface. Remove sanding dust carefully with a vacuum cleaner. Apply 1-2 steel trowel strokes with the Floor Lacquer. Allow the surface to dry 30-60 minutes between each layer.

Previously lacquered / painted parquet and wooden floors: Clean the wooden floor from dirt, wax and grease. Sand down surfaces in poor condition to bare wood and apply lacquer like instructed above. Remove sanding dust carefully with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the surface with a damp, lint-free and clean cloth. Before lacquering, check the suitability of Parketti-Ässä on previously treated floors by lacquering a small test area. Apply one or two coats with a roller.

Uneven wooden floors: Apply to uneven wooden floors by brush. Apply a thin layer and allow to dry at least 1 hour. Continue few boards at a time following the wood grain. Spread the lacquer evenly, avoid rubbing circular movements. Sand the surface and remove sanding dust carefully. Apply the second layer and allow to dry approx. 3 hours before applying the third thicker coat

Drying Time - Recoat
Drying Time - Full Cure
2 Weeks
Coverage (m2 / litre)
Brush, Spreader
Single / Two Pack
Water Based

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