Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegakote Epoxy Floor Paint


A high performance satin gloss floor coating with high resistance to abrasion, oils and solvents - available in a number of standard colours and also tinted to any colour of your choice.

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About Rust-Oleum Mathys Pegakote Epoxy Floor Paint

A very hard and durable two pack interior floor coating to protect and refurbish all types of concrete and stone floors.

Pegakote will provide the perfect finish for areas such as garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, indoor car parks, workshops, and it also can be used to protect wall surfaces.

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Available in over 15000 colours
  • It is solvent free, almost odourless
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be applied directly on most mineral substrates such as old concrete, tiles and glass etc.
  • Resistant to oil and solvents

Surface Preparation

Concrete to be treated must be dry and at least four weeks old and free of any soft surface laitance and contaminants. Previous coatings should ideally be removed by wire brushing or sanding. If this is impractical the surface should be thoroughly abraded and loose paint removed. All traces of grease or oil should be removed with ND14 Cleaner Degreaser and the area thoroughly hosed off and allowed to dry. Any curing compounds in the case of poly-concrete have to be removed by means of sand or grit blasting.

On new concrete or non-porous concrete, remove cement grout by sand or grit blasting, treatment with Surfa-Etch 108 or two pack High Adhesion Primer 3333. Porous substrates should be treated with Pegakote diluted with 10 to 20% water. Pegakote should not be applied to elastic paint coatings or surfaces prone to movement.

Application and Thinning

Brush: and if necessary, dilute with water.

Roller: Dilute 1st coat with a maximum of 10% water. Apply 2nd coat undiluted.

Air-atomised spray: Not recommended.

Airless spray: Nozzle: 021 - 023 / Pressure: 220 bars.1st coat: dilute with 5 - 10% water. 2nd coat: dilute with a maximum of 5% water.

Colour choice: Floors where heavy use and abrasion is expected, standard and medium colours are recommended. If deep or bright tones (red, yellow, orange, green, blue) are preferred it is recommended that a clear coat be applied.

Drying Time - Touch Dry
Drying Time - Recoat
Drying Time - Full Cure
1 Week
0.3-0.4 kg/m2
Brush, Roller, Spray
Single / Two Pack
Two Pack
Water Based

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