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Sikkens Kodrin WV456

New product

 A fast-drying, colourless, water-based sealant to fill pores on end-grain areas.

For interior and exterior timber components



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Product Info

Seals end grain porous areas.

- A neutral odour

- Quick drying

- Easy to apply

- Colourless

Coating recommendation

The end grain sealer should be applied after the primer and sanded midcoat.

After drying of the sealer, the sealed areas can be coated with all Sikkens mid and finish coating systems.


Application Method


Coverage rate  100 ml/m²

Thinning    Do not thin

Application temperature    15-25 °C for substrate, air and material at approx.60 % R.H.

Drying times  The drying process of the materials can be delayed depending of applied wet film thickness and when using timber with a high extract contents and drying in damp/cold weathering conditions. During the drying process ensure adequate ventilation and temperature conditions.

Dust dry  after approximately  30 Minutes

Recoatable  after approx  1 hour with waterborne coatings


Cleaning of equipment  Clean directly after use with water or washing up liquid or with

ST 830* (cleaning agent).



Technical Data
Application Brush
Waterbased Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 30 minutes
02.Drying Time (To handle) 4 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 4 - 6 hours
Type Single Pack

Kodrin WV 456

Technical Data Sheet

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Kodrin WV 456 MSDS

Health and Safety Data

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