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Beeline All Purpose Powder Filler 454g

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Beeline All Purpose Filler provides a smooth, permanent repair to plaster, brick, stone, wood and most other building materials. Easy to mix to a smooth consistency and can be used both internally snd externally. Beeline All Purpose Filler resists cracking and flaking and can be easily sanded for a perfect finish. 

Size: 454g

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Brand: Ciret

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Surface Preparation

Ensure surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and loose material. Decayed wood must be removed and damp wood allowed to dry before filling. Eliminate sources of continuous damp that may penetrate behind repairs after filling. Score smooth surfaces to give a good key. When using sealants or primers always use filler first. Do not apply filler over sealants or primers.


Mix 2 parts of filler with 1 part cold water and mix to a smooth paste. Add more water or filler as necessary. Once mixed to a smooth consistency leave for a few minutes prior to using.

  • Working time of approximately 1.5hrs
  • Sets in approximately 2.5hrs


Must be painted over with a water resistant paint when used on exterior surfaces to prevent water penetration. Do not apply over sealants and primers, always use filler first. When filling deep holes allow 24hrs before over painting. 

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