Repaircare Dry Seal Glazing Sealant

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Dry Seal Multi-Purpose Glazing Sealant from Repair Care

An easier to use and cleaner alternative to linseed oil putty.

Suitable for bedding-in glazing beads in wooden and metal windows and filling nail or screw holes. 

Quick skin forming and compatible with most paint and stains.

Moisture and UV resistant. 

Available in white or brown. 

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Dry Seal Multi-Purpose Glazing Sealant from Repair Care

Dry Seal is a durable alternative to linseed oil putty for use on wooden and metal windows. Enhanced modified silane terminated polymer that is solvent  free. The Dry Seal is a universal sealant for maintenance, renovation and restoration.

Suitable for bedding-in glazing beads and filling nail or screw holes. Quick Skin forming, and compatible with most paints and stains. Dry Seal is a part of the full Repair Care system. 

Properties of the Dry Seal Glazing Sealant:

- Moisture and UV-resistant.
- Solvent-free.
- Permanently elastic and doesn’t shrink.
- Can be painted or stained after 2 hours.
- Excellent compatibility with all paints and stains.
- Compatible with double-glazed sealed units, all glazing tapes and with laminated, acoustic and safety glass.
- Can be left unpainted
- Compatible with the Repair Care International Dry Flex repair system.
- Available in white or brown

- Bedding-in timber and metal glazing beads.
- Universal sealant for maintenance, renovation and restoration.
- Glazing sealant.
- Suitable for filling nail and screw holes.

Surface Preparation

Wood: Remove all failed putty, Check the moisture content of the wood (maximum 18%) and Repair any decayed or damaged timber. 

All surfaces must be free of dust, dirt, moisture, grease, oil and surface contamination. Where paint has been removed, ensure that there is no presence of burnt wood or raised fibres. Thoroughly sand back to bare shiny wood and retreat with a primer. Allow the primer to dry.

Metal: Remove all failed putty, ensure substrate is free of oxidation (eg: rust) and any surface contamination. Pre-treat any surfaces with a corrosion resistant quick drying primer. 

Practical Recommendations and useful tips:
- Never finish DRY SEAL with water or detergent.
- Curing is slightly slower at a low relative air humidity (<30%).
- If painting DRY SEAL do so within a month of application. If painting at a later date, lightly sand to create a key
- Any traces of DRY SEAL on glass can be easily removed after a few hours or preferably the next day.
- If the surface is soft or unstable, carry out a test application first.

Technical Data
Waterbased Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 15mins
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 2 hours
04.Drying Time (Full cure) 24 hours
Type Single Pack
Application Method Spatula, Easy.Q dispensing gun

Dry Seal PDS

Dry Seal Glazing Sealant Product Data Sheet

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