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Sikkens Cetol WF 771

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Sikkens Cetol WF 771 is a super durable coating for exterior wood. 

Availabe in a wide range of beautiful semi-transparent colours in a matt finish. 

Easy to apply one-pot, 3 coat system, The WF 771 is a combined primer and topcoat. 

Exceptional weather resistance and non-greying colour. 

The Cetol WF 771 is used by luxury timber cabin manufacturer Polar Lodges 

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Product Info

The Ultimate Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Coating: Sikkens Cetol WF 771

Dive into a world of colour with the Sikkens Cetol WF771, as this semi-transparent coat can be tinted to a vast range of translucent colours and hues. Enhance the colour of exterior wood, without compromising on the protection. The Cetol WF771 is highly effective on all types of wood. 

Suitable Applications for the Sikkens Cetol 771:

- Heavy duty wood surfaces such as decking

- Garden furniture 

- Greenhouses and fences

- Grating and Trellises

- Facade Cladding and Balustrades

Key Benefits of the Sikkens Cetol WF771:

- High UV protection and weathering protection

- Non-fading, non-greying semi-transparent colours. 

- High water vapour permeability

- Easy to apply as a one product, 3 coat system system

- Primer and Topcoat in one product

- Quick Drying, water based formula

- Fills wood pores and prevents early erosion

- High adhesion with a greater film protection

Colour Tinting Options: 

Can be tinted to the beautiful semi-transparent colours of the Sikkens Never Ending Impressions Collection.

Other colours may be possible, please give us a call on 01793 511537 to discuss. 

Final colour will depend on the thickness of application and the original colour of the timber. 

We always recommend doing a test patch fist. 

For exterior use, we always recommend having a tinted product, clear products will not provide the timber against appropriate UV protection.  

Gloss level: Matt

Extra Protection for the End Grain

Increase the service life of decking and facade cladding by protecting the end grain with the Sikkens Kodrin WV456. 

The open ends of wood are a weak point in timber that can cause water seepage, swelling and drying out. 

Seal the end grains with the Sikkens WV456 to prevent these problems. 

Apply after the first coat of WF771. 

Application Considerations: 

Do not apply in direct sunlight, if their is dew present, or in a moist climate. 

Allow appropriate drying time between coats (at least 4 hours)

Apply the WF771 in the direction of the grain of the wood. 

Application Method: Dipping, flooding, brushing, brushing machine, vacuum coater

Consumption  100-150 ml/m2

Thinning Do not thin

Application temperature  15-25 °C for substrate, air and material at approx.60 % R.H.

Drying times  at 23 °C/50 % R.H. DIN 50014

Dust dry  after approximately 30 Minutes

Sandable  after approximately 4 hours

Recoatable after approximately  4-6 hours

Cleaning of equipment   Clean directly after use with water or washing up liquid or with ST 830* (cleaning agent).

Timbers which contain extractives i.e. Oak, Larch or tropical woods can cause discolouring - these can appear after weathering.


The Sikkens 771 is used by the Polar Lodges Company in their manufacture of luxury holiday lodges. 

For more information, visit their website here

Technical Data
Application Dipping, flooding, brushing, brushing machine, vacuum coater
Waterbased Yes
01.Drying Time (Touch Dry) 30 minutes
02.Drying Time (To handle) 4 hours
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 4 - 6 hours
Type Single Pack

Cetol WF 771

Technical Data Sheet

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Sikkens Cetol 771 Brochure

Sikkens Cetol 771 Product Guide and Brochure

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Sikkens Cetol 771 SDS

Sikkens Cetol 771 Safety Data Sheet

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