Teknos Teknofill 5001 Acrylic Fine Surface Filler


Teknos Teknofill 5001 is a solvent free aqueous product for spot filling of primed wood designated for interior and exterior use.

It dries to a smooth, fine surface with excellent sanding properties and is ready to overcoat within 3 hours.

Suitable for windows and doors and other joinery related tasks. 

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  • 235ml Tube

About Teknos Teknofill 5001 Acrylic Fine Surface Filler

Teknos Teknofill 5001 Acrylic Fine Surface Filler

Surface defects, checks and cracks around knots can be visually unattractive and disrupt subsequently applied coating systems, leading to localised breakdown.

Teknofill 5001, Fine Surface Filler is a single component, water-based, white acrylic filler which, when applied by palette knife, fills and levels surface defects.

It has excellent sanding properties and dries in around three hours to a smooth fine surface ready for opaque topcoat application.

It is particularly recommended for use around knots, where it enhances resistance to tannin migration.

Anything in excess of 1 mm deep should be filled with a two pack wood filler.

Used in combination with Anti Stain Aqua 5200, provides enhanced resistance to knot staining.


The primed wood must be clean and free from any form of dust or contamination. The moisture content of the wood should be approximately 13% and should never exceed the full amount of 15%. 

All types of softwood should either be vacuum impregnated, or treated with a type of wood preservative. 


Apply with a filling knife or spatula

Application Conditions

The product upon delivery is ready for usage. 

Optimum temperature for products and surroundings: 18-22 degrees 

Never use this product below or above these types of temperatures: Below 5 degrees and above 25 degrees. 

Optimum relative air humidity: Approximate of 50%

System Treatment

All types of primed parts must be protected with a form of topcoat treatment before it can be exposed to any form of weather. 

Drying Times

Dry to sand/recoat: 1-3 hours

All drying times for this product are approximate and will vary according to the quality of the wood, the temperatures, humidity, ventilation and film thickness.


The equipment must be cleaned with water. 

Health and Safety

For more information on the health and safety aspects of this product please consult the attached data sheet. 

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