Sikkens Rubbol WF 3311 Exterior Opaque Wood Finish


Sikkens Rubbol WF3311, Semi-matt and Semi-gloss finish

High performance joinery finishes for spray application

Offers exceptional durability and protection 

Moisture Vapour Permeable with extended flexibility

Prevents cracking, blistering & peeling 

For use on both interior & exterior joinery  

Excellent flow and levelling

Available in any colour 

Part of the High Performance Sikkens Professional Joinery range

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About Sikkens Rubbol WF 3311 spray applied topcoat for wood. 

For the ultimate protection of your exterior woodwork. 

Exceptional durability and colours stay brighter and cleaner for longer

All new, specially created formula for application by brush.

Sikkens Rubbol WF 3311 offers exceptional coverage and hiding power whilst remaining moisture vapour permeable and flexible.

Does not crack, peel or blister.

Easy to apply and quick drying. 

For best results we recommend a three coat system - One primer and two topcoats. 

Primer - Apply one coat of the Sikkens Rubbol WP 198 Primer.

Apply two coats of Sikkens Rubbol WF 3311 Topcoat. 

Ideal for use on wooden windows, doors, sheds, timber cladding.

Can be tinted to a very large number of colours, from any colour card or range. 


Method, Spray. 

Please see our How to Guidance Note for more advice on preparation and application for painting exterior woodwork. 

Approximate coverage rate

7m²/ litre, depending on the texture of the surface.

Drying times at 23°C / 50% RH.

Dust dry approx. 60 minutes  

Sandable approx. 4 - 5 hours  

Recoatable approx. 4 - 5 hours  

The drying process of the coating depends on the applied film thickness and may be delayed when using timber with a high extractive contents or drying in

damp/cold conditions. During the drying process, always ensure for adequate temperature and ventilation. If the drying conditions are not met, damages

within the coating cannot be excluded.

Cleaning & Thinning

Thin with a maximum 5% Water. 

Clean equipment immediately after use with lukewarm water. Rinse with clean fresh water to remove all traces of contamination.

Special Note

When coating hardwood, we recommend using a pore filling midcoat.

When using the light shades on timber with high extractive contents (e.g., Meranti, larch, oak) discolouration due to moisture may appear. Please call us for advice.


questions Kelly Derbyshire

Hi, I work in a school. We have lots of wooden sheds for storage and for the children to use, many have previously been painted in a range of colours (not sikkens - Cuprinol colours or garden fence/shed paint) The maintenance of theses sheds is awful and repainting year on year with no time to do it. I have sikkens on my gates at home light oak, where you can still see the beauty of the wood. This has been fantastic. I’ve tried a patch on the sheds in school with it but you can see the original colour underneath. Do sikkens do a paint outdoor that covers this original paint stain so that I can paint over and have the long lasting effects of sikkens. Do they do it in an oak kind of colour? Also some of our sheds are grey Cuprinol, do they do a paint that is coloured? That I could reapply with sikkens? Thanks for The help, there are so many and it’s all confusing


Yes the 3311-03-** will completely cover the timber as an opaque painted finish. it can be tinted to any colour of your choice, full guidance on preparation can be found on the data sheet. 

Holman Paints.

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