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Beeck Quartz Filler is a natural white priming coat especially for bridging over hairline cracks, correcting minor structural defects, and levelling-out surface structure.

For use on both interior and exterior masonry.

Colour: White

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About Beeck Quartz Filler

Beeck Quartz Filler is a filling primer coating suitable for silicifiable substrates and is suitable for both interior and exterior masonry. It is especially for bridging over hairline cracks, correcting minor structural defects and levelling out surface structure. The Quartz Filler is silicate based, fibre-reinforced and especially silification-active. The properties of this primer allow for the final coating of pure silicate paints to be applied and allows mineral coating procedure on surfaces which otherwise would only be limitedly suitable.For use on both interior and exterior masonry. The product is extremely water vapour permeable and has unsurpassed durability. Therefore, Quartz Filler is optimally compatible with porous mineral substrates and subsequent siliceous coatings. Beeck Quartz Filler can be used for both conservation of listed buildings and for contemporary architecture.

Colour Selection: The colour of this product is opaque natural white. As this product is masonry filler, rather than paint, this product cannot be tinted to a colour. However, for topcoats applied on top of Beeck Quartz Filler we are able to tint them to more than 300 non-fading colour tones as produced in the Beeck colour range. Topcoats that can be tinted include Beeckosil and Renosil. Please see product pages for more information. If you are unsure about your colour options or choice please feel welcome to discuss your options by calling our friendly and knowledgeable team on: 01179 511537


Quartz Filler is for use on:

  • Lime and Cement Plasters
  • Concrete
  • Porous Natural Stone
  • Limestone and Sandstone
  • Brick

Additionally, Beeck Quartz filer can also be used on:

  • Firm old coatings
  • External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)

Unsuitable substrates are:

  • Horizontal substrates
  • Extremely weathered or less stable surfaces
  • Surfaces with efflorescence
  • Wood-based materials
  • Clay, loam or gypsum
  • Plastics
  • Plasto-elastic coatings.

Surface Preparation

To achieve the best results, ensure that the surfaces are clean, dry firm, stable, and free from efflorescent and separating substances prior to application. Gently clean any pressure-sensitive surfaces and prepare algae infested substrates with Fungicide wash. Surfaces with static hairline cracks can be repaired directly with the Quartz Filler. However, if chips and misses in the substrate are too large to be corrected by Beeck Quartz Filler- carefully make good with the same type of material and texture as the existing surface. If applying to new plaster or render, always check the drying and strength of the new surface. Furthermore, when applying to Lime plaster or render, ensure the sinter skin is removed by using Beeck etching fluid prior to applying the quartz filler. Always pay close attention to the type and condition of the substrate that is to be coated and we highly recommend trying out a test area before application to the entire surface.

Application and Thinning

When applying Beeck Quartz Filler, prepare substrate as recommended and carefully cover and protect surfaces which are not to be treated – especially glass, ceramics, window sills, expansion joints, lacquer and anodic coatings. Where possible, and for best effects, try to get an uninterrupted coating process. For optimal coating and application, adjust and thin the Quartz Filler with 10-20% Beeck Fixative. Additionally, for best results, apply Beeck Quartz Filler with a Mineral Paint Brush to fill cracks and misses with the slurry. Uniformly apply and lay-off on all self-contained areas, smoothly and seamlessly. To create an attractive brushed surface, apply with cross coating and directionless brush movements. As a general guideline, we do not suggest that Beeck Quartz Filler is applied in outside temperatures below +8˚C. Likewise, do not apply in wet, frosty, or excessively warm weather conditions. Only apply to properly prepared substrates. Furthermore, before applying a subsequent topcoat over the Quartz Filler allow for 12 hours drying time. For specific render preparation and application notes, please see the PDF located in Further Resources. Beeck Quartz Filler is suitable only for brush application.

Drying Time - Recoat
0.25kg – 0.4kg per m²

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£105.00 (excl VAT)
£126.00 (incl VAT)
£105.00 (tax excl.)
Beeck Quartz Filler is a natural white priming coat especially for bridging over hairline cracks, correcting minor structural defects, and levelling-out surface structure. For use on both interior and exterior...



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