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Beeck Renosil Fine is an extremely durable mineral paint, used for renovating previously coated exterior walls. When applied to existing coatings Renosil re-mineralises the surface and has exceptional UV resistance. Available in any colour, and specialised non-fading colour formulation. For the full list of suitable substrates, see below.

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About Beeck Renosil Fine

Renosil Fine can be used on a range of mineral-based exterior surfaces and dries to a rich colour that does not fade. As the product bonds with the substrate, the finish is extremely hard wearing, durable, weather resistant, and easily cleaned. The finished effect creates a cloth-matt look and a classic and timeless mineral aesthetic. Renosil fine can be used for both conservation of listed buildings and for contemporary architecture.


This product is specifically for previously coated surfaces such as:

  • Lime Render and Plaster
  • Lime Sandstone
  • Concrete
  • Earthen Plaster
  • Masonry
  • Stone

It is not suitable for application on:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Uncoated Mineral Substrates

For uncoated mineral surfaces such; new masonry, brick or lime render, use Beeckosil NOT Renosil.

Colour Selection: Renosil Fine comes in a matt-mineral finish and is available in more than 300 absolutely non-fading mineral colour tones as produced in the BEECK colour range. The range is separated into Colour Groups 1-4. The UV resistance of mineral paints means that the colours do not fade and there shouldn’t be a discernible difference between buildings painted in the same colour at different times. If you are unsure about your colour options or choice, we also have plenty of ideas to set the ball rolling in our colour section where we have added a number of widely used colour ranges. Or, alternatively, to discuss your options please call us on: 01179 511537

Surface Preparation

To get the best results, make sure the surfaces are clean, dry, firm, stable and free from efflorescent and separating substances. Carefully repair damaged surfaces, including those with chips and cracks, before application. If cracks and defects exist, use Beeck Quartz filler to correct them and ensure a uniform surface. Furthermore, if any algae are present on the substrate, treat with a fungicide wash before applying Renosil Fine. We highly recommend trying out a test area before application to entire surface.

Application and Thinning

When applying Renosil, prepare substrate as recommended and carefully cover and protect surfaces which are not to be treated – especially glass, ceramics, window sills, expansion joints, lacquer and anodic coatings. Where possible, and for best effects, try to get an uninterrupted coating process. For optimal coating and application, adjust and thin Renosil fine with water before application. This is especially important on rough surfaces. Stir Renosil before application. For maximum protection and durability, we recommend applying a double coat of Renosil Fine to your exterior substrate. The base coat of Renosil should be thinned with no more than 10% water to improve coat ability. Apply the top coat no sooner than 12 hours later. The top coat of Renosil should be thinned with a maximum of 5% water. As a general guideline, we do not suggest Renosil fine is applied in outside temperatures below +8˚C. Likewise, do not apply in wet, frosty, or excessively warm weather conditions. Only apply to properly prepared substrates. For specific render preparation and application notes, please see the PDF located in Further Resources. Suitable for brush, roller and spray application – - Spray Nozzle: 0.79mm/0.031 inch - Always sieve the product before use. - Apply uniformly and as a thin coat then use a brush or roller to uniformly lay-off. - Avoid any roller edges, ridges, overlapping and over-coating coats that have already begun to dry. - Thin with Water. - Thoroughly clean equipment, tools and soiled clothing with water immediately after use. 

Drying Time - Recoat
Coverage (m2 / litre)
0.13L per m2
Brush, Roller, Spray
Water Based

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Beeck Renosil Fine Beeck Renosil Fine
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£139.30 (excl VAT)
Beeck Renosil Fine is an extremely durable mineral paint, used for renovating previously coated exterior walls. When applied to existing coatings Renosil re-mineralises the surface and has exceptional UV resistance....



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