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Teknos Kolibri

Textured Paint for Interior Walls

Create a completely unique interior design using the Teknos Kolibri textured paint for interior walls. Kolibri is a decorative textured coating that you can manipulate to create unique shapes, patterns and textures to your interior walls. 

Apply with a brush, roller or trowel and add patterns using a whole range of tools. The textures and designs you can create are limited only to your imagination!

Can be tinted to any colour for a solid colour finish. Or, for a distinct effect you can prime underneath with one colour and overlay the Kolibri on the top for a striking effect as the bottom colour shines discreetly through.


Find these ideas and more in the below brochure,

Be inspired to create a whole new texture to your interior!

Teknos Kolibri Textured Wall Paint

Teknos Kolibri Textured Paint for Interior Walls

Teknos Kolibri, Create Unique Textured Interior Walls


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