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High performance coatings used on the iconic Link Centre in Swindon

The Link Centre opened in 1985 to much Architectural Community acclaim. Its space-age, multi-axial design incorporating an ice rink, swimming pool and other leisure facilities was considered a revolutionary step forward in municipal building design.

Home to the Premier League Swindon Wildcats Ice Hockey Team, the exterior steelwork frame and access stairs was in need of full redecoration and protection after 26+ years of life.

Our brief specified a coating system that would provide long term protection, since unlike most redecoration projects, its’ unique design and height (22 metres from base to top of the columns) posed problems for easy access to do the work, so couldn’t be painted more frequently.

The final specification called for a thorough clean and degrease with Rust-Oleum ND14 and removal of mould growth with Rust-Oleum AMW mould removal solution. These products were chosen because they were very effective and easy to use in an environmentally sensitive area.

Our HSP Two Pack Etch Primer, followed by a heavy duty Two Pack Zinc Phosphate Primer provided a sound surface and the job was finished with our Two Pack Polyurethane.

The contractors, RWR Group, were unable to use spray application equipment as the building was in a built up environment, so the paints were modified to ensure the correct film thickness was achieved using roller and brush.

Despite the wettest summer for years, the project was completed on time and the effect – impressive.


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