Tikkurila Furniture Paints and Lacquers


Up-cycling is a thrifty, creative way to create unexpected, unique furniture without breaking the bank. 

A fresh coat of paint gives furniture and home accessories a new lease of life. This guide to furniture painting is full of furniture painting advice, decorative paint ideas, product information and detailed instructions on how to paint and prepare wood. 

Tikkurila Furniture Painting Advice

Tikkurila How To Paint Furniture

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Furniture Painting Products

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What are you waiting for? Grab a pot of paint and learn how to create your own bespoke furniture...

Feelings Furniture Paint - Empire - Miranol - Kiva - Helmi Matt 

Feelings Effect Paint - Otex Primer - Feelings Primer - Unica Super - Taika Pearl Glaze 

Brochure taken from: http://www.digipaper.fi/paints2/84523/






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