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Teknos Woodex

Outstanding Range of Coatings for Exterior Wood Surfaces

All exterior wooden surfaces require protection against changing weather conditions to prevent cracking, fading or damage from rot, fungal growth or water. To protect your wooden sufaces, apply one of the Teknos Woodex coatings - in a vast range of naturally beautiful shades either semi-transparent or opaque. 

The Woodex range are suitable for providing protection to a vast range of exterior wooden surfaces. And, with water-based and solvent based versions of all the products, you can choose a coating that best suits your surface. 


To find out more about the range of Woodex Exterior Wood Coatings, visit the product pages or read the product brochure below

Woodex Aqua Classic: Waterborne, non-film forming, semi-transparent wood stain

- Woodex Classic: Solvent Based Wood Stain

- Woodex Eko: Water based wood stain for exterior wood forms a permeable semi-gloss film. 

Woodex Aqua Solid: Water based opaque wood stain. Create a more opaque finish than traditional stains, but the wood grain remains visible. Semi-Matt finish, unlimited colours. 

Woodex Solid: Solvent based alternative to the Woodex Aqua Solid. Attractive opaque wood stain. 

- Woodex Aqua Wood Oil: Easy to use treatment oil for exterior wood. Water-based oil penetrates the wooden surface to protect from exterior elements. 

- Woodex Wood Oil: Solvent based natural wood oil that penetrates wooden surfaces. Protects wood from exterior elements, available in brown, green or clear. 

- Woodex Hardwood Oil: Solvent based natural oil specially designed to protect garden furniture or handrails. Use on teak mahogany or exotic timber surfaces. Brown hue only. 

Woodex Aqua Base: Water based priming oil for exterior wood. Prevent blue stain fungi, mildew and wood rot. Opens grain to ease penetration of top coating. Clear Finish. 

- Woodex Base: Traditional solvent based wodo protection primer for exterior wood. Prevent blue-stain fungi, mildew and wood rot. Clear Finish. 

Teknos Woodex Exterior Wood Coatings

Teknos Woodex Semi-Transparent Coatings for Exterior Wood

Teknos Woodex Tradtional Wood Stains for Exterior Wood

Teknos Woodex translucent wood stains to protect exterior wood

Apply semi-transparent wood stains to exterior wood

Opaque Wood Stains from Teknos, opaque colour - visable wood grain

Teknos Opaque Wood Stains -Woodex Aqua Solid and Woodex Solid

Teknos Woodex Wood Oils traditional wood oil treatment for exterior wood

Teknos Woodex Wood Oils perfect for garden furniture, hand rails and terrace floors

Teknos Woodex Priming Oils for exterior wooden surfaces

Teknos Priming Wood Oils, protect wood from blue stain fungi, mildew and wood rot


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