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Teknos Timantti

Extra Durable, Anti-Microbial Interior Wall Paint

For interior wall surfaces that require extra protection, use the Teknos Timantti Clean. An extra durable paint for interior walls and ceilings with an additional anti-microbial additive to enhance the cleanliness of an interior wall surface. Perfect for use on interior wall surfaces that require high hygiene levels and wear resistance. 

The antimicrobial active ingredient in Teknos Timantti Clean is silver. Prevents harmful bacteria cells from dividing and interferes with their metabolism, which stops microbes from multiplying. Even with mechanical abrasion of the surface, the surface maintains antimicrobial efficiency because the entire paint film is active.


Antimicrobial Efficiency has been tested according to standard ISO 22196

In test conditions, the numbers of MRSA bacteria decreased by more than 99.9% (University of Helsinki, Department of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine 2012)


Teknos Timantti can be used in following areas for best results:

- Hospitals

- Care homes

- Nurseries or Schools

- Food Preparation Areas

- Laboratories

- Changing Rooms 

Teknos Timantti Anti-Microbial Paint for Interior Walls and Ceilings

Timantti Antimicrobial Paint for Hospitals, Care-Homes, Food Preparation Areas and More


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