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Teknos Timantti

Extra Durable Paint for Interior Walls and Ceilings 

Introducing Teknos Timantti, a new generation of high-quality, extra durable paint for interior walls and ceilings. The Timantti range of professional grade wall paints designed to endure, protect, and isolate. 

Highly durable, scrub and moisture resistant. Suitable even for areas that require frequent washing down or with high-humidity. Perfect for areas that require high hygiene levels  like care-homes, hospitals or food preparation areas. Can even be used to paint wet-rooms and bathrooms. 


The Teknos Timantti Range Includes:

- Timantti 3: adhesion primer for interior walls/ceilings. Promotes durability of Teknos Timantti topcoats. Can also prime surfaces to be wall-papered. 

- Timantti 12: Matt Finish, extra durable wall paint. Attractive and modern matt finish, exceptional durability. 

- Timantti 20: Semi-Matt wall finish for interior walls. Mid-sheen level wall paint, in a durable finish. 

- Timantti 40: Semi-Gloss wall paint for interior walls/ceilings. Great for walls that require frequent washing. 

- Timantti Stop: Insulation Primer for use with the Timantti wall paints system. Fix and cover discolourations from soot, nicotine or water damage. 

- Timantti W: Moisture Sealer that forms a steam-proof film. For use as a moisture barrier in rooms with high-humidity and moisture. 

Timantti Clean: Anti-microbial Interior Paint, that improves the hygiene levels of interiors. Microbes can't live on surfaces when painted with Timantti Clean. 

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Teknos Timantti Extra Durable Interior Paint Range

Teknos Timantti durable paints for interior walls and ceilings

Timantti wall paints, extra durable paint for commercial spaces, hospitals, and homes


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