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Teknos Teknofloor

Durable, Water Based Paint for Interior Concrete or Wooden Floors

Paint and protect your interior flooring with Teknos Teknofloor. A durable, water based paint for interior concrete and wooden floors. This single-pack floor coating is easy to apply by brush or roller with a quick drying, 4 hour re-coat time. Suitable for light-medium traffic floorings in homes, commercial spaces, public areas and storage facilities. 

Attractive semi-gloss finish is easy to clean and can be tinted to any colour from any colour card. Smooth finish with a non-yellowing formula. 

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Teknos Teknofloor waterbased interior floor paint

Teknofloor to paint interior concrete and wooden floors

Durable floor paint, non-yellowing, semi-gloss finish: Teknofloor


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