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Teknos Siloksan 

Exceptionally Durable Mineral Surface and Masonry Paint

Introducing Teknos Siloksan, a revolutionary new coating for all masonry and mineral surfaces both interior and exterior.

Designed to withstand even the harshest of Nordic winters, this specialist masonry paint will not crack, peel or blister and will protect against weather, UV, temperature, moisture and climate. Siloksan also has both water-repellent and micro-porous properties, so that the coating both protects the surface from moisture yet is breathable to ensure moisture doesn't get trapped. 

Available in an unlimited colour range, and in an attractive matt finish to ensure the exterior of your property is the envy of every one on the street. 

Painting Masonry and Mineral Surfaces:

Easy to apply formula-no need to prime on standard masonry surfaces.

Simply add in the Siloksan Gel into the Siloksan when applying the first coat. 

Follow with a further 1 or 2 coats of Teknos Siloksan. 

Apply by brush or roller. 

Can be tinted to any colour. 


Painting Lime Plaster and Lime Wash:

Siloksan is also suitable to coat lime plaster and lime wash surfaces! 

Use Siloksan Adhesion Primer to prime the lime surface. 

Follow with 2-3 Coats of Siloksan. 

Apply by brush or roller. 

Unlimited Colours 

Find out More in the Brochure Below:

Teknos Siloksan Mineral Surface and Masonry Paint

Siloksan paints masonry surfaces and lime render and lime wash

Siloksan, durable masonry paint that is water-repellent and breathable


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