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Teknos Rensa

Pre-Treatment Cleaning Solutions Prior to Painting

As every good painter and decorator will know, the quality of your final finish will always lie in the thorough preparation of the surface. Before painting any project, or lifting your paint brush, ensure to give your surface a thorough clean and de-grease to ensure thorough removal of any dust, dirt, grease or contaminants. If not done properly, any remaining residue on the surface may go on to cause adhesion problems with the paint.  

This is where Teknos Rensa steps in! 

Teknos Rensa is a range of professional cleaning and degreasing solutions specially formulated for a vast range of surfaces. Simply apply onto the surface, following application instructions and rinse off with water. These eco-friendly solutions ensure thorough cleaning of the surface to ensure proper adhesion of subsequent paint coats. 


The Rensa Range Includes:

Rensa Super Cleaner - Universal detergent for all kinds of surfaces (interior and exterior)

Rensa Anti-Mould Cleaner - Long lasting removal of mould, lichen, moss, algae growth from exterior surfaces. Clean and protect exterior buildign surfaces incluidng roof tiling, paving fences and more. 

Rensa Terrace Deck Cleaner - Brighten and clean exterior wooden terraces, decking and furniture. 

Rensa Roof Wash - Revitalise and efficiently clean exterior roof surfaces, removes dirt, algae, moss and lichen. 

Rensa Galvanised Steel Cleaner - Pre-treament for new sheet metal roofign and other zinc-coated (galvanised) steel surfaces before painting. 

Rensa Sauna Cleaner - Clean and refresh interior sauna surfaces. Can be used to clean all surfaces in sauna and washrooms before further treating wood. 

Rensa Facade Cleaner - Efficiently remove dirt, mould and algae growth from outdoor facade surfaces. Clean and pre-treat exterior facade surfaces before painting. 

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Teknos Rensa Pre-Treatment Cleaning Solutions

Teknos Rensa Clean Surfaces before Painting

Teknos Rensa Cleaning Solutions to prepare surfaces before painting


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