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Teknos Nordica

High-Quality, Weather Resistant Exterior Wood Paint

Teknos Nordica is an extra durable paint specifically designed to protect exterior woodwork. With exceptional weather resistance and special dirt-repellent properties, the Teknos Nordica provides unbeatable protection to ensure all of your exterior wood surfaces remain looking great and well protected. With added flexible and moisture permeable properties means the Teknos Nordica will not crack, peel or blister. 

Available in an attractive Matt finish, and in any colour from any colour card. 

Perfect for applying to: Timber Buildings, Log Cabins, Wooden Houses, Holiday Homes, Tree houses, Wooden Pods, Windows, Doors, Exterior joinery, Sheds, Garden Rooms, Conservatories and more. 

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Teknos Nordica Weather Resistant Exterior Wood Paint

Teknos Nordica Dirt Repellent, Extra Durable Wood Paint


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