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Glixtone Anti-Mould Sterilising Solution

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Award winning Anti-Mould and Blackspot Sterilising Solution

20 years and never a failure!  

For use on interior walls and ceilings, Glixtone Anti-mould Sterilising solution effectively kills spores of mould and algae. Easy to apply by brush, soft cloth or spray and is environmentally friendly. Use prior to applying Fungi-shield decorative paint. Dilute with 5 Litres of Water.

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Brand: Glixtone

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Anti-Mould and Blackspot Paint Sterilising Solution

Has unsightly, unhealthy mould infected your home? Don't despair, Holman Specialist Paints have the cure!

Glixtone's Sterilising Solution is an extremely effective water-based surface biocide designed to kill spores of mould and algae. Once treated, the nasty bacterial growths will not return for up to 20 years (or for the life of the paint film).

The Sterilising Solution must be diluted with 5 litres of water before use. If you are treating smaller areas mark your container into 5 equal parts and dilute each with 1 litre of water. 

Glixtone's Sterilising Solution is not only good for your home, it's also good for the environment, it is solvent and silicon free, non-toxic and low odour.

Glixtone's Sterilising Solution is perfectly designed for use in any internal areas that are susceptible to mould or organic growth such as; walls, celings, woodwork, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and living areas. 

Coverage: 6-8m2 per Litre

Recoatable after 24 hours 

Technical Data
Finish Matt, Silk
Application Brush, Soft Cloth or Spray
Waterbased Yes
03.Drying Time (Recoat) 24 hours
m2 / litre 6-8
Colour Colourless

GS36 Data Sheet

Glixtone Sterilising Solution Data Sheet

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GS36 Safety Data Sheet

Glixtone Sterilising Solution Safety Data Sheet

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