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Tikkurila Valtti Cleaning Agent

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Cleaning, degreasing and pre-treating detergent for all types of interior and exterior surfaces.

Use prior to painting.

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An alkaline cleaning and preparatory detergent for cleaning interior and exterior surfaces prior to painting.
Cleaning Agent is suitable for cleaning both painted and unpainted surfaces contaminated with dirt, grease, oil and wax.
Note: Cleaning Agent is not recommended to be used on sheet metal roofs.

Surface Preparation.
Remove loose and flaking material. Treat areas affected by mould and algae with Tikkurila Mould Removal Solution.

Application and Thinning
Apply undiluted Cleaning Agent onto heavily contaminated, hard, and glossy surfaces allowing several minutes before washing off with clean water.
Undiluted Cleaning Agent will leave the cleaned surface matt which helps in the adhesion of new paint coatings.

On waterborne latex and other matt painted surfaces apply Cleaning Agent diluted with water in the ratio of one part Cleaning Agent to ten parts water.
Diluted Cleaning Agent (ratio 1:10) can also be used as a cleaning detergent.

Note: When using Cleaning Agent wear appropriate safety clothing for example gloves and safety glasses in case of splashes.

Technical Data
Application Brush
Type Single Pack


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