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Rust-Oleum AMW Mould Removal Solution

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A highly effective, safe and easy to use mould and algae removal solution for a clean surface for painting or leaving. Waterbased.

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AMW is a fungicidal wash; a solution of an approved biocide in water. It is used as a masonry and roof surface fungicidal wash for professional use against mould, fungi, moss, etc.
HSE Approval No 4246.

Surface Preparation
All mould, fungi, lichens etc. should be given a saturated coat of AMW to kill spores.
Remove debris by power washing or with a stiff brush. The whole area should then be given a second coat of AMW and allowed to dry (to render the substrate sterile).

Application and Thinning
Apply AMW abundantly, preferably by brush, and wait 12 hours. Dry-brush and remove dust prior to painting, or clean with high-pressure water and let the surface dry.
If affected by heavy rainfall within 4 hours of application, re-apply.
Ensure residues are substantially diluted with water before entering drains etc.

Use a brush or “coarse” spray such as a pneumatic garden spray. Do not dilute.

Technical Data
Coverage Smooth
Waterbased Yes
Smooth Coverage (m2 / litre) 5
Type Single Pack
Application Method Brush


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