Polyvine is one of the leading innovators in specialist water based decorative paint systems, supplying Varnishes, Decorative Paints, Exterior Wood Coatings, Adhesives, Specialist brushes and Industrial coatings. Polyvine has a strong reputation among trade professionals for innovative and high-performing products - products which are designed for maximum performance and ease of use.

In fact you will find that Polyvine products are easy to apply and provide the type of features that trade professionals demand and are popular with discerning DIY users.

£31.87 (excl VAT)
£38.24 (incl VAT)
£31.87 (tax excl.)
Two part resin glue that can stand continuous immersion in water. Ideal for: laminating, marine, garden furniture and gates, laminated plastics, preservative treated and difficult timber, expanded polystyrene Size: 670g
£2.35 (excl VAT)
£2.82 (incl VAT)
£2.35 (tax excl.)
Bonds stronger than the wood itself in less than 2 hours! The ultimate fast grab wood adhesive. Ideal for: doors, window frames, furniture, cabinet making, general joinery, kitchens Size: 125ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L
Other Specialist Coatings
£4.30 (excl VAT)
£5.16 (incl VAT)
£4.30 (tax excl.)
Crackle Glaze for cracked paint effects for use with emulsion. Designed to produce consistent cracking of emulsion paint. Ideal for: furniture, skirting, architrave, pottery, picture frames, decorative aged effects...
Interior Wood
£12.86 (excl VAT)
£15.43 (incl VAT)
£12.86 (tax excl.)
A unique clear, UV resistant, solvent free, deep penetration, oil protective finish. Ideal for: furniture, floors, exterior and interior joinery, fencing, cladding Size: 500ml, 1L, 2.5L
Exterior Wood
£20.31 (excl VAT)
£24.37 (incl VAT)
£20.31 (tax excl.)
A non-yellowing, quick drying clear finish that protects against UV light and weather damage. Ideal for: exterior doors, windows, woodwork, garden furniture Finishes: Dead Flat, Satin Size: 500ml, 1L, 2.5L
Interior Floors
£4.60 (excl VAT)
£5.52 (incl VAT)
£4.60 (tax excl.)
Ultra tough crystal clear protection for interior floors Ideal for: wooden floors, cork tiles, stone, slate, brick, quarry tiles, wooden worktops Finishes: Dead Flat, Satin Size: 100ml, 1L, 2L, 4L
Anti-Slip Floor Coatings
£21.07 (excl VAT)
£25.28 (incl VAT)
£21.07 (tax excl.)
Slip deterrent finish. A unique clear satin, UV resistant, microporous, high solid content protective antislip finish for application onto exterior wood flooring and decking. Ideal for: patios, decking, utility rooms,...
Interior Masonry
£17.84 (excl VAT)
£21.41 (incl VAT)
£17.84 (tax excl.)
Absorbed into the substrate, this high performance coating protects interior and exterior stone and brick for a completely natural finish. Ideal for: stone, plaster, brick, slate, flagstones, fireplaces, exposed stone...
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