Teknos Woodex Exterior Wood Coatings

Teknos Woodex Exterior Wood Coatings

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Teknos Woodex Coatings

Exceptional Protective Coatings for Exterior Wood:

Introducing the new range of Teknos Woodex Exterior Wood Coatings. Professional and protective exterior wood coatings for exterior wood surfaces. Perfect for coating many exterior wood structures such as log cabins, holiday homes, lodges, camping pods tree-houses and more. Can also be used on exterior wooden windows, doors and joinery fittings. 

The Woodex Range Includes;

- Priming oils for untreated timbers

- Semi-transparent stains

- Wood oils

- Attractive opaque wood stains.

Benefits of Woodex Coatings:

Woodex Products suitable for all kinds of timber, and are available in any colour. 

Applying Woodex coatings protects wood from weather, UV damage, moisture, rot, and fungal growth.

Coating exterior wood with Woodex will help to prevent damage to the wood that requires costly repairs. 

Available in both solvent based and water based formulas. 


*This article also features in the September 2017 issue of Holiday Park Magazine

For more information, or to read the market place article visit their website here


Click on the Product Names Below to Find Out More:

Wood Stains: Woodex Aqua Classic, Woodex ClassicWoodex Eko

Opaque Wood Stains: Woodex Aqua SolidWoodex Solid

Wood Oils: Woodex Aqua Wood Oil, Woodex Wood Oil, Woodex Hardwood Oil

Priming Oils: Woodex Aqua BaseWoodex Base


Discover the Great Colour Range Available in Woodex Products

Request your FREE Woodex Colour card

Email: marketing@holmanpaints.co.uk


----Teknos Woodex Coatings are now available from Holman Specialist Paints.

Also available on our sister sites HSP Joinery and HSP Exterior Paints

For more information visit our websites or call our sales team on 01793 511537


Paint with Pride with Teknos
Supplied and Specified by HSP



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